Man - how slow can Hog related news get?

Hearing nothing on any venue

Man, haven’t you heard? Richard was the guy at the Maverick’s game that was fussin’ with Chris Paul’s fam. He’s in jail in Dallas now and can’t post.

Wow Pavlov, how true is that?



Just posted bail. Just a misunderstanding between me and the family.

May have something in tomorrow’s column that might interest bayou hog. Or may not.

Obviously nothing on Council other than the story we had. As of now, wait and see on him.

May can be a slow month at times because hoops and football usually host kids on OVs in June. Plus you have football camps and there’s usually a good amount of commitments that month.

My question to RD is who did you have your money on Saturday? As usual I picked the Arkansas Derby winner.

I played a 1, 3, 6, 14, 16 exacta box. Was going to do a tri but to be honest I thought the race was too wide open. No way did I expect Rich Strike to win though.

Years ago I made a $10 bet on Sidney’s Pride a 50-1 (or so) long shot at Oaklawn. I bet him to win (on the nose). It was a sentimental bet cause a good friend named Sidney passed that year. Ole Sidney led the entire race until he passed us (just before the finish line). He was ahead by a head and lost on a photo finish. Oh well. Kinda sums up my career at Oaklawn. But I never left without having a ball.

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I bet the house, wife, dog, cat, mailman, my doctor on RICH Strike.

Total bet 7 dollar and 50 cent!!

Anything you post is of interest RD!! I know it’s a slow period, and while you likely welcome being able to catch your breath, me hates it

The moral of the story will be “Strike It Rich”.
On RD’s next big “Story”.

I won big on a horse named Plisky Lad back in the 80s. Next day a friend and I decided to bet our winnings on a horse. It led and finished the race in first place, but somewhere about the 5th furlong the jokey fell off.

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