Man, how much do we miss Catalon?

Just one or two break ups on those long balls and this team wins.

D hung in there but reminder how much some injuries to key personnel hurt down the stretch.

Amazing job by players and coaches down the stretch however. Great effort just tough against a Bama for sure.


we need to recruit some more speed in the backend

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Amen! Just a few more. Catlon would have made a difference.


That is what I kept telling my wife.

Or anybody that was listening Her the walls, TV whoever.

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I think our players did an awesome job against Bama and could of won

The thing that needs the most fixing is more recuiting

Love our team but yes more speed is needed and you can’t cant someone to be faster

It would also help if the refs would blow their whistle when Bama compete PI, Holds and targeting! The speed and depth is needed.

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We can only hope Arkansas becomes so good that refs will defer calls to the Razorbacks

The refs are incompetent and at times show true bias - almost afraid to throw a flag against a legacy program -

With Sam Pittman - we may see that sort of deference in the future - because Arkansas is that good

Last night the first half was really bad for for SEC officials reputations

In the old SWC the hogs had to be better than Texas by at least a TD to beat them especially when the refs flew in with the horns to the hill!
Coach Pittman has our hogs giving everything they have on the field. The next step is to recruit and improve the roster. The weight room has been a difference too. The lines will get better but the LB position needs some depth and more speed too! In time the hogs might gain enough respect where the calls become a bit less bias.

Oh I remember those day Coach Lou Holtz went nuts when he learned the refs were flying in with the whornes

I agree as Coach Sam improved the quality of play and program the respect will give refs more pause

Right now From scheduling to officials on the field Arkansas has been so bad there was no need to care if it’s fair because Ark was so bad it didn’t matter - besides what was Arkansas going to do about it?

Now think what Coach Sam has done ?

He took a sows ear of a program and made a silk purse out of it

The future is bright because Arkansas is starting yo matter again and that will fix slot of things

Winning fixes everything- not into moral victories - and bad refs aside - Ark could of won last night if they had made mistakes that killed drives -

It’s all trending upward


While it’s trending upward and the hogs are much improved the recruiting needs to improve too! Upward movement with each class will help. The work the kids put in during the off season is critical for our hogs improvement! The walk on program too!
I’m just so impressed with the improvements Coach Pittman has made. His leadership and commitment to the Hogs shows that he is as much a lifelong hog fan as we are!

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Each year we play Alabama their d backs are hands on our receivers the whole route. They rarely ever are called for pass interference. Why don’t we coach that too? We let their receivers run by us and think we need more speed.

Because we get flagged for either holing or PI.

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