Man did Trey play well

8 pts on 4-4 shooting, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals and 3 blocks.

I was actually shocked about the 3 assists, it sure seemed like he had more

second best big no question

We really play better team basketball with him in the game. He’s an uncanny passer. Kind of reminds me of Bill Walton back in the day, passing off the post.

Trey makes an impact when he is on the floor. Great defense and pretty passing.
We did seem to have a better flow with him on the floor on both ends. He can shoot the ball. Wish he would shoot more.

Trey is looking for his shot a little more. He’ll never be a focus of the offense, but if he can go 4 for 7 from the floor that would help a lot. He’ll need to do that next season.

A lot of posters were ragging on Trey in nonconference when we were playing waterbug teams. Now that he has some beef to punch, he’s going full Rocky.

Trey brings a nice BB IQ and ability to the floor. All he has needed is reps and we are seeing the results. Proud of our FC kid.

Trey will put his stamp on the this team this year and next year. I’m proud he is a hog!
He will be a best to deal with before he leaves the hill.

This team is different when he plays extensive minutes, because his passing and unselfish play changes the culture on the floor. His passing become contagious to other players too.

Kudos to Trey, this next off season could be a money year if he stays in the weight room with intensity and focus. Both he and Kingsley in the lineup together does pose a real problem for the other team. Seems to be all coming together at the right time.

Response: I’m not so sure about that, as pieces begins to fall in their places don’t be surprised to see Trey assuming even a bigger roll as another productive low post player, it appears he is now ready to do more than a facilitator