Man, Chris Beard can coach.

10-0 and ranked 12th in his second season in Lubbock. Currently leading the Duke super team.

Wonder if his team knows how to attack a zone?

Yep and that 5 to 20 run to end the game was incredible.

Yeah, he should be really embarrassed to be 10-1 with his only loss to the best team in the country…who his team held to under 70pts. :roll_eyes:

I didn’t pay much attention to him during his short stay at UALR, but I heard so many people talk about what a great coach he was. I’m extremely impressed with what he’s done in his short time at TTech, and I really enjoy watching his team play. Coming off a #3 seed Elite 8 run in his second year, this years’ TTech team looks poised for another deep run. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see them in the Final Four this year. Not bad at all for a coach just now in his third year…

Passive aggressive attacks on our coach is unnecessary

Beard is good

Bob Knight disciple. He was an assistant coach under Bobby. Yes, a very good coach. He recruits defensive players. If you don’t play harder on the defensive end, than the offensive end, you sit. Much like the VA coach, a great coach. They both have shooters, but it’s always defense first.

Believe it or not, Mike is the same way. He just wants to play up-tempo on both ends, while the 2 above coaches want a more structured offense when forced into half court. Beard will run when opportunity and numbers arise, but doesn’t try to force uptempo.

Our last 2-3 games our opponents have played defense harder than the Hogs. That wasn’t happening earlier in the year. Mike has to reinforce that to this young team. If he’s got to sit them for extended minutes because they aren’t giving 100% on defense, so be it. No one should be exempt, including Daniel, Joe, or Jones. This team will not win half their conference games if they don’t give GREAT defensive effort every minute they are on the floor. In Mikes system defense creates offense.

He is amazing. We’d be back to being a top program if he was here.

Harley that’s an old schools response that young folks don’t understand. (Effort, heart and discipline). The 3 keys to play for any of the coaches you mentioned and it all starts on “D”.

Ok, then what about a direct attack on Mike? He’s not as good a coach as Beard right now. Pretty obvious. You can keep defending Mike. That’s fine. But at some point you need to realize other Arkansas fans want to see better played games in Mike’s 8th year. They want to see deeper tourney runs. They want to see some more consistent player development. They want to see better in-game adjustments to solve problems. They are tired of guys like Bailey and Gabe getting excessive minutes when playing horribly. No, the “attacks” on Mike are deserved on a message board where such things are discussed.


These discussion points like “it’s his 3,4,5,6,7,8 year” are getting old. It doesn’t matter what year it is he’s been here. And what do you know about what fans want? Yes, we all want deeper tourney runs or better records, but do you go to games? Have you actually travelled with the team and met fans from other states? I have and most of the posters here and other social media outlets that dump on the coach either A. don’t have the slightest clue what their talking about. B. Don’t represent most of the fan base of this team. C. Have an agenda that has nothing to do with Anderson’s coaching ability. Or D. A combination of all 3. I think we’ve beaten the player development and in game adjustment discussion to death to prove that your point there is not accurate. And God knows, I’ve been critical of Anderson and different players when warranted, but illogical talking points don’t deserve to be taken seriously and should be called out.

Mike has been to Elite Eight just like Chris Beard. Mike has been National Coach of the Year. Chris hasn’t.

So, I am not sure what you are comparing. Grass is greener on the other side? This silliness has to stop. You are making dislike Chris and root against him. I rooted for him at UALR. I am season ticket holder to both schools.

No two circumstances are similar.

Also quit talking about what year coach is in. This is not Football with 85 scholarships where you can build the “next” plan. There are only 13 scholarships and players can leave a lot earlier than football,

Agree with last post. You can think Chris is a great coach without taking a jab at Mike. I like them both. Chris compares me to a young Eddie Sutton. Great defense with some athleticism.

My man it’s wasted time to try to argue with some of these dudes here. They will defend Mike to no end with silly takes no matter how underwhelming Mike has been in his time here.

I’ve seriously just saw someone diss Chris Beard for losing to DUKE. I’ve seen someone call the WKU and Ga. Tech loses not bad. I’ve seen someone say it doesn’t matter what a year a coach is in during his current tenure. LOL. Boy we got some Anderson family members on here I think.

It’s called being a realist. Some of you just spout off just for the sake of spouting off. Vent, complain, condemn, etc. is all justified in my opinion when it’s backed up with logic or facts. If you have a problem with the way Anderson does things, that’s fine. The waste of time is watching people spout of misnomers repeatedly, only for when the misnomers have been proven wrong, those same people change the argument just so they can keep bashing the coach. For 8 years, all I’ve seen since Anderson was hired was: he can’t win on the road, he can’t recruit, he can’t recruit Arkansas players, he can’t make the dance, he can’t make the dance consistently, he can’t change defenses, he can’t develop big men, and on, and on, and on. Yet, everyone of those claims has been proven false and yet people want to argue about Anderson’s consistency?! Do you people even see the irony of making claims like this. And no, the amount of years means nothing in the long run of things. NOTHING!

Beard and Anderson are very good coaches. I don’t think either are great yet, but very good. I guess we’ll see in 6 weeks how our game against Texas Tech pans out. The big difference is if we beat Texas Tech, you won’t see me coming on here saying “see Anderson is the better coach” off one game. But I guarantee people like you will be here to make the opposite case if we lose.

Lynnsanity, what you have to understand is AR fans. If Mike would have been undefeated, ranked 12th, and lost to Duke on a 20-5 run, same people would be screaming “FIRE MIKE.”

How do I know, because we watched the same thing with Nolan, he lost in 91 in the EE, people screamed, “he peaked, fire him” along with other, far worse things. Then in 95, we lost the NCG, people screamed to get rid of him.

The problem here is, the other coach is always better, until he’s our coach, then he’s not good enough.

I hear the debate. I’m in the year 8 camp and the program should be poised year in year out to be a ncaa tourney team. General says he’s tired of that and I am ignorant. I find it interesting that mike was coach of the year, beard does not have that accomplishment on his record. I only care about a coaches record here at Arkansas. Only school I care about. Has he been coach of the year st Arkansas? Can we somehow add those victories at uab and Missouri to arkansas’ record? How deep has Anderson taken Arkansas in the ncaa tourney? Out of 7 years how many of those have we been in tourney? I don’t know. Have we been to a sweet 16? Elite 8? Final four? How many sec championships do we have over this 7 year period? Sec tournament championships? You can find stats to support any position.

Now let me say I understand the pitiful shape of the program when he arrived and agree he should have been given more time to return us to prominence. Yes we are young, but isn’t that a coaches responsibility to have more balanced classes and distribution of scholarships? Hey Ladies and gentlemen I don’t care who is coach. I only care about Arkansas athletics!

Lastly a question or 2 we should all answer to determine one’s stance on any coach at Arkansas

What are your expectations for our basketball program

How many years should a coach be given to achieve those results

My answers in our case are. My expections are to reach the ncaa tourney each and every year, top 4 or better in conference, a sweet 16 at least about half the time. A coach should be given 3 to 4 years to start achieving those results. Also we should be signing top classes most every year.

3 to 4 years to start achieving those results.

One last thing. I am in Little Rock, don’t know where most on here are from, but the general feeling of hog fans I know is it’s time now. No excuses. Bordering on apathy. Have been to a game up there and the Little Rock game. After the Little Rock game which they won, the feeling was not one of confidence in our current status. I understand every team has bad games, but 3 in a row, Is that a trend?

Hope Anderson can pull it out. I don’t want to have a coaching change. But its time now


For the record, I don’t recall saying those who use the 8 year argument was ignorant, but the argument of time is irrelevant and I gave reasons why.

I have the same standards you have and would love to see Anderson keep advancing in the tournament. Will we make it this year? I don’t know. I know we can, but if we keep playing like we have the last 3 games we won’t. If we play the way we did the first 7, we will.

I don’t live in Springdale anymore so I won’t be going to most of the home games this year like normal, but most fans I know and talk to at games understand what’s going on. As for apathy, again, I go to games and don’t see that at all. The attendance and presence from fans when we travel keeps going up or staying high. We know we’ve got a good product, it’s can they gel and maintain success.

As for the slump, yes, plenty of good teams go into a slump. If I remember correctly, South Carolina’s Final 4 team lost 5 of their last 7 games before the tourney, one of them to Arkansas at South Carolina. Slumps happen, lets just hope the slump for Arkansas is now and will fade during conference play.

I agree with the highlighted part. That is my expectations. However, and I’ve said this before, my final goal is to be in the NC conversation (between 90-96 it was expected AR was in the conversation).

What people, especially my age and younger fail to realize, is between Eddie and Nolan it took 19 years to reach the pinnacle. Eddie got lucky and landed the Triplet, and made the FF (without 68 team field), and Nolan landed MayDay fairly early in each tenure. Mike hasn’t had that. He’s had some individuals. This team is young, and I’ve said before it reminds me of that freshman MayDay team. Think what happens with this young team and they’re Jr’s And Sr’s. We have a chance to land some studs with them that year, but if we “Fire Mike Now” as some seem to want. Then we have players that won’t fit the new coaches system (same as football this year), and more than likely we completely whiff on the 2020 class. So what would you same guys who are complaining say in 2021 about the new coach? Think about it. This is Mike’s most talented team, I said when we recruited them I expected some struggles early and a run at the end of the year with probably a NIT bid. But, I expect a big swing next year, and an even bigger one the year after.