man. Alot of love for the Aggies

We don’t stand a chance. According to most pundits.

That’s why I say we win.

My quick keys:

  1. Unlike the past few years, our defense is the strength of our team. Our defensive line must be the dominant unit today. Not theirs. Get Knight flustered early. Don’t allow him to be confident.
  2. We need better than 4.0 yards per carry, and over 200 yds on the ground. Rawleigh has deserved the plaudits from our writers and fanbase he has received. But 4.0 only ranks 91st in the nation. Rawleigh needs more room to run today. And just like the Aggie game was Rawleigh’s first game to really contribute last year, today needs to be the day Devwah becomes his main partner. Sorry to play the Devwah trumpet again. But he needs to fulfill his promise today.
  3. Limit their big plays. Get some of our own. #3 needs a breakout game.

If we lose today, the season is NOT OVER. I thought the TCU game was more critical for gaining momentum than today. But if we DO win, it will be the sort of national boost we have needed since Petrino wrecked his wee wittle bike. I have waited for this game for a YEAR. I’m sure our kids have too. And you KNOW CBB has.

27-23 Hogs. No overtime today.

You can bet the house this team & staff are hearing it too

You want


Go earn it BBs motto