Malzan Rumor??

i will continue to support Razorback athletics in every sport except football if Malzan is hired.yes…he’s a good coach but i can not in my own good conscience support him in any way;shape;form;or fashion.there is no need for name calling as i have my own reasons which i do not care to discuss.i don’t know who the answer will be at coach…but i do not believe it is Malzan.just my two cents worth.

Look, if there is any truth to this, the deal has already been negotiated via the lawyers – and negotiated in secrecy with no “official” involvement.

That’s how this works.

Gus won’t be getting some phone call out of the blue to which he responds, “Ohmigosh, I had no idea! Let me get through this season first.”

And if this is “the man” they are pursuing, then deal is probably all but done.

That being said, Auburn has no choice but to unload the bank to keep him there – even if they do not really care if he stays. But it happened before – go back to December 2007 when Nutt left, and the Hogs all but had Tuberville wrapped up. UA just needed Auburn to come off its exorbitant buyout that Tubervilee would owe them. Auburn refused – knowing they would wind up paying the buyout themselves in another year to fire him. But Auburn could not lose a coach to Arkansas under any circumstances, so to keep the perception that no coach would ever leave the Plains for Arkansas, Auburn made a decision that costs them millions.

My prediction is this plays out just like it did then – Gus will get a huge raise and then get paid millions to get fired by Auburn in a few years. And who knows who winds up at Arkansas — speaking of the events back in 2007, we got Petrino – and in terms of wins while he was here before he wrecked the motorcycle with his young female passenger, that worked out nicely for us.

I have heard talk that Mrs. Malzahn wants to be back in Arkansas. That could be the wildcard that gets him here regardless of crazy money. Mr and Mrs Malzahn are already worth millions. There’s an old truth adhered to by all men who are married for long periods of time – it goes something like “If Mama ain’t happy…” What a wife wants can often times prevail over a good business decision in terms of dollars.

Arkansas also got messed around in basketball years back in a deal cut before it was public when they let Stan Heath go – the deal with A&M Coach Billy Gillespie was done for him to be the next Arkansas coach – then the Kentucky job came open, and it all went to crap.

Having a hard time seeing why Malzan would leave an area that produces top ten talent every recruiting season for Arkansas, an area that produces very low numbers of D-1 talent.