Malzan Rumor??

So I just heard that they are going to make Malzan an really good offer and make him say No?? I’m sure the rumor mill is about to go crazy over the next few weeks!!

Believe it, the big money group in Springdale has made the first domino fall. Looks like the power is at play, and Malzahn is the target.

that is what mike irwin said on tv this morning.

That’s been floating around out there for a few weeks, so far I’ve just brushed it off as a wild rumor. But, after today’s events, who knows?? The fan base would remain divided with that hire, but I’m on board if they can pull it off.

Hope not. That will be bad for the program in the long run.

It won’t be divided …as long as he wins. Winning cures all.

It would likely be divided with the NWA fans, most of the fans outside of NWA, do not know as much about Gus, or frankly, care.
Many do not care who the coach is as long as they win.

Gus would have his troubles with some fans, but not half of them.

Winning is all it takes

WORD!!! If he wins he will , nothing will be said about him

Would be interesting to see if he will have a better or equal record here vs auburn with significantly lower ranked recruiting classes.

There is a lot of talent on the offense for who ever gets the job

If Gus takes the job, it won’t be until after the Iron Bowl. If Auburn wins the Iron Bowl, it won’t be until after the SEC Championship Game. If they win the SEC championship game, it won’t be until after the playoffs.

So the Gus Bus, if it ever arrives, will probably be late. If he does not commit right away, it’s going to be rough watching other candidates get picked off and the December signing period come and go. Naming a new coach the second week in January would not be a very good way to start the new regime.

I do also hope somebody at the UA is able to adequately vet Gus before making an offer. He would be leaving Auburn when they are having a big year, with lots of underclassmen coming back. Auburn’s history of getting into NCAA trouble, the fact their AD is on the way out, the Cam Newton saga, etc. all speak to a need for caution. We don’t want to hire a guy leaving town one step ahead of the posse.

The people that want Gus are going to be disappointed. To lure him with money you’d have to get to around $6mm annually. He’s currently making $4.7mm, Bielema is currently making $4.1mm. 1) I don’t think we could pay him $6mm and the buyout $$ that would be owed to Auburn. 2) He’s been telling people he only wants to coach another 4-5 yrs.

Given those things and assuming he’d leave Auburn to come back here, it just wouldn’t be feasible or financially responsible to hire him.

The football program makes a PROFIT of $20M per year. Priorities.

I don’t care for Gus,but if he got to be our coach I will be a every game because I am A Razorback Fan.

I am pretty confident Gus wanted the Arkansas job when he went to Auburn. I can also say he told some of the Auburn folks he wanted the Arkansas job…

Think this is the job he has always wanted. Does not surprise me that getting him to Arkansas is in play and will be very interesting to see how this plays out.

Auburn has a great chance to win out and crush Georgia again to prove it was not a fluke.

If he comes, then also think the Gus haters will come around to seeing this guy can coach and win at Arkansas…

Throughout history, egos have often overcome
the profit motive. This has all the appearance of
being ego driven.
Long faced an uphill battle since he followed
probably the most influential leader in the history
of Arkansas athletics.
My hope is that this doesn’t absolutely blow up
in our face and lead to an ever deepening and
broadening crisis.
I am optimistic that enough powerful and wealthy
Razorback supporters step up to make sure that doesn’t
happen. Men like Jerry Jones and Jim Lindsey that
love the Razorbacks and want to see the best outcome

So if the coup does not score Malzahn we end up with a lame duck coach hired by a committee of ego driven boosters and a lame duck Ad in the pockets of said boosters…not a recipe for success.

I don’t see how Malzahn leaves Auburn if they win the SEC championship and go to the playoffs. Auburn would almost be forced to top any offer that Arkansas makes, even if they didn’t mind seeing him leave. I guess the caveat is if Malzahn bleeds Arkansas red and he believes Auburn is heading for a rebuild.

Well, I don’t think his players will be paid at Arkansas; therefore, harder to obtain quality “common” players. Uncommon players, those who play for free (“slaves”, as one recruit’s mother termed it–playing for free when they could be making good money elsewhere), would make up the team and Gus may not be anymore successful than CBB.

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