Malzahn's postgame PC

My word
You don’t think Kiffin will not divide the fanbase???

There is a new rumor out, and if true, even those of us that don’t like Gus will be very happy. The question is, is it possible?

They won’t offer Kiffin. At least I hope they are smart enough to avoid that train wreck

What is the rumor?

Not cool to just throw that out with no elaboration

Its Gruden right? LOL — BTW for those that are sarcastically impaired, that was all sarcasm!!

Sticking to my previous thoughts, Gus continues to be the guy and until it’s chiseled in stone he’s 100% Auburn we will continue to pursue him which I believe was the plan when JL was fired. WPS


Maybe some on here are fantasizing one way or the other, perhaps yourself. I have no idea, so I’m not postulating any - unlike you. However, IF Gus show up here as our next HC, the above paraphrase (or something similar :lol: ) is imo likely.

I have to congratulate Wally Hall again. I though his piece in the Sunday paper hit the nail on the head…again. If he keeps this up, I might actually turn into a fan.

I remember when Broyles had Bill Self hired and Little Johnny White told him no Frank , Self has to come on campus for an interview and the rest is history…

Of course he would as would any coach. And, it may not be the money as much as the prestige of being one of the top 5 colleges with the highest pay.