Malzahn or Gators?

Durn, at first I was giddy when UCF began to move the ball against the Gators; then they began to mention Gus.

Not sure now who I want to win this game.

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As much as I don’t like gus. I’ll take the underdog program. Never forget 09.

SEC naturally

Garrick McGee is the Gator QB coach. Florida is his 5th stop after leaving Arkansas. Most likely he’ll be leaving Florida after this game. Coaching can be a tough, tough business.

Gus’s guy just flopped to slow down the Gators. Crowd booed big time. Never liked Gus. Never will.

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Definitely neither.

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Yeah, I think I’ll watch the replay of Bama vs Tex A&M rather than watch Gus

I don’t root for SEC teams unless it helps Arkansas, my bank account, or my bowl pick ‘em

I want our conference mates to lose badly and to be in much turmoil as possible


Not me buddy. I want the SEC to beat every team they play. The better they do the better it is for us. Money and everything. Now do I dislike some teams, yes. But overall I pull for the SEC.

Too each his own, but I want the teams we compete against the most to fail and if possible fail miserably - make bad coaching hires, evaluate poorly, recruit locker room problems, get caught cheating, etc.

Anything that helps Arkansas be more competitive.

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You play to the level of your competition. So if everybody is worthless soon we become worthless. The bar is set to low. What if everybody at your work was worthless you become like them. Nobody to follow or set higher goals.

We are in a league where most of the schools have more access to talent than Arkansas does due to their in state recruiting bases.

In order to move up the ladder, we are going to need others to have missteps - for example, I was pleased when Auburn hired Harsin because I thought he was a downgrade from Malzahn.

I don’t think the SEC is ever in danger of being terrible or even just good, but there can be changes on who’s leading the charge and to be one of those schools we need a combination of what we can control (getting better ) + what we can’t control.

Good news about Justin Shorter the Gator WR who was carted off the field on a board last night. His family tweeted that he’s doing well and should have a full recovery. Scary.

Someone finally gets it

Jackson been saying the exact same thing on here for years, I don’t get all the “gotta pull for the SEC” stuff on here, I hope everyone but the Hogs lose every game

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Great news. These players sacrifice a lot to play a sport at this level and it means so much to them. Good news, thanks.

The SEC never alters its reputation when teams lose in football. We did our best when the West was down at Bama and the Mississippi schools… Jackson is right, other teams have to fall in their recruiting/coaching/cheating and lose more than we do for us to gain ground. I hope they all hit a brick wall and fall into a bloody heap regardless of the sport.

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