Malzahn, Horton and Hand

Gus, Tim and Herb made an in-home visit today with OL Jerome Carvin, who was planning to visit Arkansas this month before the coaching change.

Seeing Gus has three visits lined up for today, do you know who the other two are?

No. Here’s the deal Gus may very well stay at Auburn. These home visits are planned in advance so this isn’t a surprise. You continue to do your job until your agent gets things worked out one way or another.

Gus never had any intentions of being the Head coach for our Razorbacks. This was all a 3 ring circus to get more money. That’s who Gus is looking out for number 1 himself. All of the rumors and talk about how miserable he is at Auburn with the hot seat issue is just garbage. I hope he gets fired and Auburn has to pay him. I’m glad his disloyal rear ended isn’t going to lead our hogs. Find a coach and beat him on the field.