Malzahn, Briles offenses

Is Kendall’s offense essentially Art’s? This is an unflattering article directed at those-type offenses. However, I’m not sure how much this sort of thing will affect quarterback recruiting at Arkansas. Kendall seems to be doing OK right now. I must say, however, that one of the big, big positives of Muss is that he can sell his NBA tutelage.

I would hope CSP reputation of putting Olinemen in the NFL gets the big boys to UA. That’s where it all starts in any offense.

It’s all important. OL is very important. But if you don’t have a dynamic run/pass QB in Briles’s offense, you got no shot.

I think we have the QB’s Briles wants for his offense. Some proven skill players.
Should see improvement & depth in O Line.
Time will tell how dynamic.

Really? Cause Baylor’s offense was pretty epic without running qb’s

Bryce Petty was not a dynamic runner - statue

Back to my original question — is there any difference between the offenses of Kendall and Art? Most of the Baylor QBs I recall were very effective runners if they needed to be. RG III at the top of the list, obviously. And all I’ve heard the last year is how much we need a running QB in Kendall’s offense.

I think you probably need a mobile QB in this league. Petty was effective in Big 12 which has MUCH LESS talent in front seven top to bottom. NFL draft proves this year after year.

I don’t recall many strong offenses at Arkansas without a running threat at QB. Petrino offenses were the exception.

Give me an Offensive and Defensive Line that can compete in the SEC and I will take a college QB that isn’t a great Pro prospect but can manage the game. Tennessee won a natty with Tee Martin not Peyton and LSU won with Matt Mauck and not Jamarcus Russell. But in both cases the teams had outstanding line play. Bama has won several Titles because of great line play and QBs that merely managed the game. Of course it helps to have All-Americans at nearly every other position but as long as you can compete at the line of scrimmage a QB that is prepared for the pros is a “Want” and not a “Must have”.

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Also remember the NFL is becoming more and more enamored with running qbs.

I don’t know if they are identical, but I suspect their offenses are very similar. Kendal was the offensive coordinator at Baylor for his father and spent a lot of years playing and coaching in that system.

Art Briles’ Baylor offense may have been the best I have ever seen.

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