Malik Young update

He said he’ll visit Missouri and Florida next week. As noted, he visited Arizona State after leaving Fayetteville.

A source said Young had a very good time in Fayetteville and likes Arkansas’ chances with Young.

A source tells me Malik supposedly didn’t have a good trip to Arizona State. So if true, I assume they’re out of it.


Not questioning your sources, not in the least bit. I wonder how people know whether it is a good visit or not. I mean, it would seem the player would probably say nothing but good things, especially to the local media. Are players more open to national folks? Or do sources (without giving them away obviously) more likely high school coaches or family members?
I may be overthinking it, but just wondering. I know when you report a source telling you something, that you feel good about what he/she is telling you is true. But so much of recruiting is off-the-record, background stuff that I was just wondering.

This source is someone with knowledge of Malik’s recruitment. I did say supposedly.


I was not in any way trying to question you or the integrity of your source. Recruiting is such a fluid process that I know you have to develop sources that you feel you can trust. I think your job is incredibly difficult and trying to read the minds of these young men is not easy. I want you to know I wasn’t second-guessing your sources, but wonder how the process in general works. You do great work and keep the fan base well informed. Thanks for all you do.

No worries. I didn’t take offense at all. You asked a fair question.

I promise I’m not too sensitive.

Yea you guys need some pretty thick skin in your business that’s for sure.