Malik Young is

Today and Thursday and then off to another visit on Friday

Thoughts on this? More time alone with Bielema and the staff, but wherever he’s going for the weekend will be more rah rah with lots of commits and recruits. What’s our chances?

I’m never a fan of mid-week visits because it’s like fitting the school in.

Who is the school he’s visiting Friday Dudley?

I believe Arizona State and then Florida next week, but I hope to talk to him at the end of his visit today to make sure

Yeah, sort of my take on it too. I guess bringing in others for visits should make him to be a 50/50 at best.

would you rather him not show at all? If you’re a coach, you take what you can get. If your point is CBB should see the writing on the wall, well, maybe, but don’t you want him to give it a shot, even if it’s a long one?

I don’t think I said that at all, but squeezing you in between others usually isn’t favorable. You got to get them to campus, that’s the first step, hopefully he likes it. Does he have a Florida offer?