Malik Reneau

This kid is a really good PF. Go check out some of his highlights. Planning on visiting UA sometime in the fall and wants to commit to a college program before the start of his senior season.

Malik is really good friends with Barry Dunning, Jr. Barry is definitely in his ear about joining him at Arkansas.

Anyway, Reneau is one to watch closely for the Hogs.

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FWIW, Ark isn’t involved

Rumor is the coaching staff ended its pursuit of a Reneau commitment. Maybe found something they didn’t like about him? I don’t know.

I guess the staff is waiting on decisions from Smith and Walsh. Beyond these two, it appears Arkansas isn’t seriously recruiting any more high school players for 22-23 season.

I guess any remaining open scholies for 22-23 season will be filled with spring ‘22 portal entrants.


Has Walsh announced a decision timeline?

Richard what Bigs are we involved with ?

Is there any danger that this will have a negative impact on Dunning, who was said to be recruiting him for Arkansas?

FWIW, UAPB is now part of Nick Smith’s short list.

None at this time as far as high schoolers. Most likely will be seeking at least one 4/5 type player from transfer portal.

At one time Walsh stated he was looking to commit at the “end of summer.” But who knows now. His recruitment has been very quiet the past couple of months. I don’t know if that is good or bad for Arkansas.

Don’t be shocked if Nick Smith commits to Alabama. Nate Oates has done a great job recruiting Mr. Smith.

I am just glad we got Ford. I was thinking we would go 0-3 for Ware, Smith and Ford. Ford was all Baylor but it seems in the end Baylor did not prioritize him. Regardless I am glad he is with us. He will be an impact freshman.

Talking to those around him, Baylor did prioritize him, but Arkansas won just won out.

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What did you read (or hear) that makes you think that?

Everything I’ve read indicates that both Ford and his family loved what Muss and staff presented to them during their official visit. It seems that trip convinced both Ford and his parents that the Razorbacks and coach Muss were clearly the best fit for him.

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I was just connecting the dots. But if Dudley says Baylor prioritized him, then that is the correct information. He is an insider.

Before Dudley said that, my thoughts were that Ford wanted to go to Baylor above all, then Baylor won the NC and started recruiting guys like Keynote George, so it just seemed to me Ford was no longer a top priority like he was before.

I am sure Muss won him over but I was thinking he won him over all except Baylor.

No one to report right now.

I think this is the last year we see top instate talent leave the state to play elsewhere. Yes, a few will slip away here and there, but the word is, Muss is building very solid relationships with instate players and their families for 2023 and beyond.

Muss just didn’t have enough time to build a really good relationship with Ware, and the same thing is occurring with Nick Smith maybe?

I don’t know, kind of perplexed by Arkansas hoops recruiting right now.

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I get the feeling we will be better off without some of these guys. No further comment.

Not sure why coaching staff has backed off of Creed. Just watched some of his footage. He’s a really good player.

Every time I see something like the Reneau deal, it reminds me of what Muss said early on about his recruiting. “in his recruiting (and transfers), they look hard into character, team player, good locker room guy, etc. as well as talent.” I am NOT saying this pertains to Reneau - I have no info! We fans aren’t privy to this aspect of recruits or transfers.

When I do think about this it also makes me think about Toney. He was Muss’ first offer, I believe. I think most of us (me included) have put Toney 3rd on the transfer totem pole behind Umude and Lykes. Considering he may have been first in line for Muss, we may be wrong in that thinking.

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