Malik Monk suspended indefintely

for violating anti-drug policy.

So sad.

Mine crying. What a bad business decision.

You could kind of see this coming. The deification and worship of a young person just because he excels in a popular sport. He’s tantalized by the prospect of having everything his heart desires. Everything is fast tracked, he fails to lay a solid foundation. He’s an athletically gifted but minimally skilled child in a world of men. At some point he probably realizes that most of the people carrying his bags really didn’t care about. I hope he humbles himself and finds his way to the truth and the light. I hope he finds peace and purpose with or without basketball.


Older brother didn’t help him much it sounds like. has some details on all this if anyone is interested.

Here is the article:

If I wasn’t allowed to post their site mods please delete and i apologize!

You’re cool Jerry. Links are allowed.

Jerry, I don’t see any mention of the older brother in what I’m able to view.

Can you provide a summary?

Marcus is his advisor. Financial and in other things.

The indefinite nature of the suspension suggests it may involve something to do with the testing process, making this the equivalent of contempt of court. You get to play when you comply with the testing requirements.

He’s never been suspended before, but he might have had some smaller violations that did not get publicized leading up to the current suspension. It could be a matter of not taking a test or trying to spoof a test knowing that one more positive would get him suspended.

There is also the possibility that it’s not recreational drugs at all but PEDs.

According to the article I read first offense for peds would be 25 day suspension not indefinite. Who knows with the NBA though.

That was my understanding too. Something else is going on here.

A little dose of humility may serve the young man! I hope he finds the right path and gets away from his handlers!

What still upsets me about the whole situation is he never gained one thing by going to Kentucky that he wouldn’t have gained at Arkansas. At the end of the day he lost out by not staying home and so did his brother.

Nobody in Arkansas, business wise, wants anything to do with either one of them. How different would have it been if he would chose to be a hog? I say it would have been huge for them both. At this point the university would never touch them with a ten foot pole. I would assume they burned a big bridge with Mike Anderson.

Oh well its time for me to move on from it. I don’t wish bad on them but they made a huge mistake by going to Kentucky.

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They can go get some help from
“Big Blue Nation”. They may still have friends somewhere they have used up! They will need them.

Preach, brother. I agree with everything you just said.

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I’m trying to work up some sympathy but just can’t seem to do it

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Me either neast.

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Oh I think the brothers Monk may have gained a few things by Malik spending that year in the bluegrass that they would not have had at Arkansas. I don’t think either one was slumming it that year.

Hmmm… Let see… he didn’t play here… he threw up the whole “business decision” in our face… played for Kentucky.

My thoughts are I really don’t give a damn. Let someone over at Kentucky worry about him. I won’t lose a wink of sleep or have one iota of sympathy.

What it all boils down to when it comes to things like drugs and alcohol… well… its a personal choice. People don’t hold you down and force you to do them. As they say you reap what you sow. Personal responsibility doesn’t seem to be in vogue these days, but he has no one to blame but himself. As its also up to himself if he recovers.

I don’t care either way.