Malik Monk....impressive to say the least

27 points in the 1st half against North Carolina. What a great player. I had no idea he was this good. Now I feel Mike Anderson’s pain. He could have been a Hog…sigh.

Nice win for our boys over the Horns. Go Hogs!

He was a heckuva wide receiver too


Might try this on the basketball board…

Maybe the best freshman since Kevin Durant. Wiggins wasn’t this skilled offensively as a frosh.

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He’ll be really, really rich in a few months

I’m.not even fixin to read any comments on this thread.

47 points against UNC. Amazing.


I will never pull for him, but cannot deny his talent.

Only Durant and Melo are in his company as far as freshmen are concerned. Unbelievable. He does whatever he wants on the court.

I know he is a great player BUT he turned his back on the UA. I won’t be watching any of his games unless it’s against Arkansas.

Barnes from Cabot needed to enroll early with the other football recruits so he could guard him in a few weeks for us. :slight_smile:

trending number one on twitter

and a shout out to LEPANTO ARKANSAS on national TV

oh my.

one and done from lepanto… i wonder why being the biggest factor in resurrecting a once proud and truly great basketball program wasnt tempting…

only for a year longer would he have had to reside in arkansas

still dont have a good WHY…

not trying to start the dead horse topic again. ive heard all the stories. we can each make up our own mind

im just venting.

him at arkansas.
with this bunch mike has now…


and we are back

We don’t need him, we got Daryl Macon. I look for Macon to have a big game against Kentucky. He’s quickly becoming my favorite hog player since Bobby Portis.


Current NBA scouting report is that Malik is too small to play SG in NBA and he must convert himself into a PG like Stephen Curry did.

Glad we will only play against him once in the regular season during his collegiate career.
But just our luck, we will probably face him in the SEC tourney as well as the NCAA tourney this year.


I was going to ignore a thread by just a poster, but then an article shows up on the top feed on a kid who is not a Razorback, who is a first class jerk, who turned his back on his state. WHY??? I don’t pay money to read articles about kids from Kentucky.

Do the “Insiders” just enjoy rubbing salt in the wound? Seriously, why run that article???

This is NOT a “state of Arkansas” board (even if it was, he isn’t from Arkansas), this is a RAZORBACK board.