Malik Monk gets dressed down by Michael Jordan

Monk made a dumb move by going on the court too early and getting a technical foul right at the end of the game. Jordan was NOT impressed. … li=BBnb7Kz

Seems like he may figure out the Kentucky pedigree won’t get him by in the NBA. He has a lot of growing up to do. I still have issues with the way he strung CMA along during that recruiting process. He sure isn’t a hog.

Hence the term boneheaded move. Plus a slap on the back of the head by MJ.
The Monk Brand !!!

He should have taken some logic or business courses.
PATHETIC in so many ways.

He should still be in college growing up.

I’m pretty sure we discuss Malik Monk more than Kentucky fans do…which is sad both ways…it’s shows that his commitment would have meant so much more here than it ever did at Kentucky and that he probably won’t go down as one of their most memorable players

What I can’t believe is his attitude back toward the best basketball player of all time. What a tool!

The only Monk I care to hear about on this board is Malica. Just sayin’.

As a bipartisan approach to this, both MJ and Monk end this incident by laughing about it.