Malik Hornsby Portal Bound

What a couple of days…

Oooh, that one hurts.

I would take his tweet with a grain of salt.

A tweet announcing a tweet with smiling emoji?

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I was very impressed with his Outback Bowl performance and would hope to see more of this in a Hog uniform,

Our fans are freaking out. People need to take a deep breath.

He is not good enough to play right now in a power 5 school. Just because he is fast does not mean he is a good QB. From what he showed in his limited playing time he is going to need to go G5 to get playing time. God forbid he wait one year to earn the starting job. Jefferson is most likely going leave after the 2022 season. These players are getting awful advice

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Please. It’s probably a joke. Let’s not start this.


He has a lot more upside than KJ.

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I have a call in to find out if it’s legitimate. To me, there are a few things about that post that make me uncomfortable saying with certainty that he is leaving.


I could not possibly disagree with a post more than this.

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I found the tweet and its possible it is tongue in cheek. If so, it is pretty classless considering what has been going on lately.

Well…… that tweet from Coley looks pretty definitive to me

Not surprising that the two guys behind him on the depth chart are big on him getting out and “being great”.

well is what it is,not surprised if true…Kid has enormous potential!! I hope we hit the Portal hard for QB bc we are in big time trouble with # at QB…I was afraid this would happen…really hate to lose him…hope it’s not true.

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I am not even slightly surprised. QB’s want to play. Usually sooner than later. KJ will be the man next year. MAYBE even for two years. Malik wants to play. Can’t blame him.

I am shocked with Foucha and Brooks though. But this is the world I deal with. Kids in other areas can just leave…even in the middle of the year. I’ve been dealing with it all day. Then others come in. It Sucks. But its reality,


Hate it, but not a surprise…

I think eventually, especially among the older coaches some will get so frustrated they will hang it up.