Malik Has to be Our QB Until KJ Healthy

Fortin hasn’t moved the offense today at all. Malik gives us a chance and is electric.

I also agree with other posters we’ve got to get pressure on their QB

I love Malik, but if he insists on quarterbacking he needs to portal himself to a team that will let him develop over time. We can’t afford it.

I wonder if given a full spring with #1 unit if the deveopment would happen. With his legs, he just needs to learn touch on those short passes and he would be big weapon


Like I said, this is the SEC and we have no time for developing players.

Hornsby lacks touch on the short and intermediate throws! Just like KJ. He also doesn’t know or understand when to take off. He got his clock cleaned from behind when if he takes off full go he has 30 yards of green in front of him.

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How in the hell was Fortin our number two quarterback. Our coaches better sir down this week and try to fix this mess.

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I think that is bc fortin can make the touch passes. Against our scout team probably looks good in practice.

Hornsby has legs. Passing is a work in progress

His deep ball is gorgeous.

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Starting Fortin over Hornsby is like driving your Jeep when you have a Ferrari parked in your garage.


a Ferrari that desperately needs a tune up… way too many mistakes. I would like to have seen Fortin have half the time to throw the ball that Hornsby seemed to have… not sure what was going on but he was not given the same amount of time. Not saying he would have done better just don’t think he had as long a rope as Hornsby.

Really hope KJ can go next week. Clearly, he gives us the best chance to win. But, with the open date after the BYU game, I could see him not playing again until the Auburn game.

Really happy to see Hornsby get his chance today. I said before and during the game I hoped he would get to showcase his abilities - and he did. Yes, he was inconsistent, but what a talent. Whatever happens with KJ, I hope Hornsby is a much bigger part of our offense. I believe that will give us the best chance to win.

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His shirt passes are thrown with more zip and than the deep ball. That’s the issue. Reps is what he needs.

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I think KJ will probably go next week. He was available today so I feel pretty sure he will be ready next week…

The defense will be by far our biggest obstacle against BYU again because they have a Great quarterback!.

Not sure why we cannot afford to develop a backup and possible future quarterback. I understand why a kid might be impatient and want to see if they can speed up the process, and if this were Malik’s decision, good luck, thank you for being a Hog.

It looks like if we are going to play Hornsby as a dual threat QB we darn sure better coach him to do the QB slide because he doesn’t have the body to take many hits. If the coaches could get him to make good decisions and be consistent he would probably not be the #3 QB. He possess tons of talent and upside “IF” the staff can get between his ears and he improves in the areas needed he would definitely be a asset, the coaches knows his potential or they wouldn’t have talked him out of the portal. Either he will listen and become the player his talent says he can be or he will again enter the portal to join a team where the coach tells him what he wants to hear. WPS

KJ needs to learn how to wear a ball cap on the sideline. With his cap on sideways, he could have passed for a thug on a street corner. To me, it strikes as a discipline issue…

Neither had been in games much. I’d bet it’s because of how they practiced. Coaches watch that sort of thing.

Strikes me as the way the kid wants to wear his hat.


The players were confident going into Saturday’s game he could lead them to a win. He’s evidently shown well in practice to gain the confidence of the coaches and players.

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