Malik Chavis, other Razorback pledges hoping to make Arkansas great again (story) … sas-great/

So these guys are going to start wearing “Make Arkansas Great Again” hats? Hopefully they will use another slogan. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Probably not.

But after he said it, I had to use it.

I won’t make any difference about the slogan or phrase this class uses for a shirt or hat. I’m excited to see and hear how motivated they are to become hogs. It shows some pride with their commitment to the hogs. I can’t remember this much hype from a class.

I think I will hope they are right. I like winning. :sunglasses:

Put the “HOG” above the MAGA slogan and it will be an awesome looking hat!

Go Hogs!

I like their Moxy. It can’t hurt to have a group/class with some bravado & by chance they prove themselves it could provoke & set the tone for future recruiting classes to be even better.