Malik and KJ

Yes, the Bama game is still being played. Jalen–my hero–just almost had a pick 6 to go 105 yards!

I am thinking about next year. And wondering how Malik has looked in practice. I know–media is not allowed to see practice. Makes answering a question like this difficult. I am specifically wondering if there is any chatter about how Malik looks.

Thinking back about the great Hog offenses we have had in my 58 years - almost all of those teams had either a good to great running QB…or played Dmac at QB alot!

KJ is a decent runner. He’s big and strong with decent speed. He’s a better runner than post-injury Feleipe for sure. But he’s not a “great” runner.

Is Malik? I know he has elite speed. How is Malik’s arm? KJ has a cannon. And he ran the offense well vs. Mizzou. Made plays! But he’s not super accurate. Maybe he can become super accurate by next year.

In any case, assuming Feleipe is gone, I think an actual QB competition between KJ and Malik helps us. And if Malik is a good thrower…my intuition tells me he might be the future. Only because of my premise that most great Hog offenses I have witnessed had a good QB runner (and that included BA…who wasn’t asked to run much…but he certainly could).

The puzzle has many more missing pieces than QB.

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And then a late hit OOB. No call…

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Of course it does. That was not the point of the thread. You want an “offensive line has to get alot better” thread? I am happy to start that too.

I am simply asking about QB

Gosh I feel so bad for KJ…


Hope its not an ACL

Ok gotcha. That being said and not much info on Maliks progress. I think whoever is the QB next year after stiff competition will make us pretty solid there. Or maybe there will be packages for both.

I’ve said and still say just from film that I’ve seen, Malik Hornsby is a better fit for Briles system. I love what Jefferson did against Mizzou and with another year of practice(barring hopefully a no serious injury from today) he might fit the bill, but Briles wants speed in his QB’s and I’m pretty sure Hornsby is the fastest of the two.

The only reason I ask is I know that Malik was a huge Briles priority. KJ may win the job, and if he does…fine. Or maybe we bring in another grad transfer.

As someone who recruits for a living…I know when you see someone that fits your values, and you GET THEM…it makes a difference. I am wondering if Malik’s skill set represents what Briles truly “wants.” I know he’s the closest thing to what he had at Baylor. AKA RG3

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I think Briles offense works better with a more instinctive, quick twitch kind of qb. As lucky as we were to have Franks, his skill set was not a perfect fit. KJ, maybe a little more, but not as quick as ideal.

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Size and strength along the offensive line has to happen to get a true evaluation of the QB situation. Need a bunch of Jonathan Mashall types both sides of the line


Nailed it poochpunt…

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We won’t have that type of Oline throughout for a couple more years. With size, strength and skill.

You are correct. We have to be patient.

nevertheless, our present OL was good enough to drive against Bama in the first quarter. Where we bogged down was when Franks was unable to escape trouble. So, with Franks next year I figure we’ll have the same result–bogging down and creating holes we cannot climb out of.

I watch KJ and see his overexcitement at times where he cannot use “touch” to hit his receiver. I always thought he was fast but Bama’s LBs ran him down when he rushed laterally. So I wonder about KJ and ask whether coaching should be able to calm him down to where he can see the field a little better.

I agree a better OL is a high priority, but QB for next year makes me wonder if we will win more than five games next year.

We are limited and lacking in a lot of areas and will be next year also. It was coaching that got us what we achieved this year. Will have to be the same next year along with another year with this staff and learning the schemes.

Clearly a difference in athletes between the two teams.

I didn’t really intend for this to be an offensive line thread. I was actually gonna start one of those.That is obviously top priority And. longer fix. For now, Pittman will develop who we have, bring in a transfer or two, and roll with them. I am huge run the ball/have a great o-line guy.

My question came from simply reflecting on the number of great offenses we have had, and how many times a running QB triggered it. And, having watched Briles offensive teams, he seems to like an RG3 type of athlete at QB. And I figure Malik represented that to him when he went out and got him.

We shall all see as things develop.

Hard to evaluate the qbs and answer your question under the circumstances. I think that was the point of the first response. It starts at the line. When that is fixed then we can evaluate the qb and the backs and the rest of the defense. The line is the foundation and affects everything.

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Hornsby IMO has the most potential, He has a very good arm and tremendous speed but is very raw as far as reading defenses, will run at the first hint of pressure which can be good and bad but if he taps into into all his God given ability look out! he can be special!.We are going to have to patient but I think he is perfect for this offense.