Malica Monk

Malica Monk may not be the best player but, in my opinion, she is most exciting to watch. Lordy, but she makes some exciting plays in offence, defense, and rebounding. Win or lose, she makes watching the Lady Razorbacks worthwhile.

She’s quick. Sometimes out of control, but love her quickness, like in grabbing her own miss and sticking it back in last night.

That was something. She had moved ten feet before anyone else on the court took a step. And, just as amazing, was making that almost unbelievable basket after apparently getting hit in her eye.

I can’t comment because I have protested the existence of this team.

Army, I love your opinions and we agree on many issues. But I disagree on this part. I didn’t like the kneel-down, either, but Malica Monk wasn’t one of the six, and I can appreciate her skill. She seems like a fine young lady from everything I’ve read about her.

Hopefully next year changes will happen and I will go back to attending and watching their games. Nothing was intended in a negative way toward Malika Monk.