Maleek Williams

will report to Arkansas on Jan. 13.

Good news. WPS :smiley:

Super excited about him. (RW3, Whaley, T.J., and Maleek… WOW!)

What about the JC’s? Can you maybe give a list of all early reporting and when due in? You’ve probably done this and I just neglected to see it.

Running Back U is continuing in fine fashion I would say. Get our O-line stiffened up and we will be back to having two rushers with a 1000 yards once again and they will possibly be playing with some of the best QBs we have put on the field. Shore up the defense and we will be headed for exciting times once again. WPS

Will work on it. They should be reporting the second weekend in Jan.

He’s from here in the Austin area and is a great get for the Hogs. A star among stars.

MaleekWilliams is from Florida, not Austin, Texas. That Maleek is a receiver; well, be is a also a good running back.

Ain’t NO WAY this kid is a 3*. Had he been recruited by Bama, 4 or 5 no doubt…
He is gonna SHOW OUT on the Hill!!! :smiley:

Yeah, Maleek Williams ought to be ranked higher and I know why he isn’t and it has nothing to do with any talent shortcomings. Jesus, this guy has 10.7 speed in the 100-meter dash while carrying 220 pounds. He hadn’t played much until this past season and the rankers just didn’t know about him. They fixing to learn about him though.