Maleek Williams to transfer

I felt like this was coming. His skill set isn’t tailored for this offense, more for what Bret wanted to run. Someone will get a good back out of him though.

The running back numbers are looking kind of thin. Whaley will be a senior, Boyd will be a junior(who might declare after next year) and Hayden will be a junior. That leaves Ivey, if he’s healthy, as the fourth RB, and perhaps Hammonds(if he stays) as a change of pace guy.

I kind of wish we were on a second RB in this class, though I think that’s one of the easiest positions to plug in a new player.

He runs really hard, and actually has pretty decent speed. If he finds a place to get a lot of carries as a power back I could see him being very successful.

I suppose you mean A’Montae Spivey.

Adonis Otey is a pretty good TB even though he is targeted for CB. Same with Malik Chavis

That’s the guy. It will be interesting to see if either of those guys start out at RB.

I thought that neither CBB nor CCM gave him a real shot in game situations to see what he could do. The first time I saw him in the spring games last year and this year, he reminded me a bit of Knile Davis. NOT saying he looked nearly as good, just size and running style reminded me of him.

I though CBB might give him a chance when Hayden went down early in the 2017 season. This year, I was hoping CCM would give him more of a chance early in the season, while Hayden was still trying to get himself back in game shape. Once Boyd “showed out” 5 or 6 games into the season, you pretty well knew Maleek wasn’t going to get any meaningful snaps, and that was understandable. I also thought our “heavy” set on 3rd and short or near the goal would have been more effective with Maleek coming in rather than Cole, which let the defense know exactly what we were going to do.

I hate it for Maleek. He was a really good guy and teammate. I hope he gets a full ride on a team where he can get lots of playing time.

I wonder, can K Jackson to play running back ?

We are reeeeeaalllllly thin at RB now.

This was one I kind of expected and didn’t want to happen. He seemed to always come in and run hard and make something happen. I figured the pass protection would come pretty quickly. Got a feeling we will see him do very well and wish we had him back.

All the best to Maleek.

I appreciate his hard work and positive attitude.

I was afraid this would happen, but I don’t get it, unless CM told him he didn’t fit. I really like the way he runs the ball, but just doesn’t seem to have the homerun speed. I just think this is the “microwave” want it now world we live in, he is going to be a RS sophomore, now he’s going to lose a year of eligibility. I just don’t think guys can just grind it out until they get to that RS junior anymore, and wait to become the BMOC. I could be wrong about this but it just looks this way. There were a few on boards saying he deserved some carries or that he would emerge, but the addition of Boyd i thought would leave him out again just like Hayden took carries away that he seemingly earned last year. I wish the best for him but I thought in time he would have got his shot.

Eric Gray is looking to be closer to home and is including OM and A$M for visits, pretty clear he is not Meechegan bound he is uber talented RB. Never, ever heard of AR showing interest. Seems to be EOE-K bound, but we are just as close to Memphis for all practical purposes. Kid fits anywhere and is a great community kid. I don’t get our lack of recruiting.

Arkansas was interested…he visited last Spring. … ctices-we/

Hate to see this but not completely surprised. I believe I read at some point his lack of playing was a result of picking up blitzes consistently. It stinks because he is a solid kid and solid teammate. He probably also so 3 others ahead of him and it may be another year before that changes. Bummer he left but understandable.

Would Williams be a great linebacker ?