Maleek so shiek

In fact he’s downright sleek and a dadgum freak. 225 pounds and 6%body fat? That’s impressive! I bet when I weighed 225 pounds I was closer to 60% body fat. I’ve gotten with the program since Coach Morris and Coach Carroll took over though. I’ve shed almost 35 pounds since last season. I’ve shaved a couple of tenths off my couch to fridge time and my vertical is now almost half a foot. Looking forward to seeing the big man rumble!


The definition of a “punishing” running back.
When the hurt lingers in your mind.

I am loving this too! That with the practice reports give me hope that he will be major player in some games this year. With fewer in the box he will be able to punish some people. If we can make some holes for him (and other rb’s) and play some defense we should be able to get above .500.