Maleek Barkley transferring to Montana State … ana-state/

MSU is located in one of the coolest places to live there is. If he enjoys the outdoors, he is in for a treat. There is also some great skiing within a drive of Bozmen. It is a great place to go to school.

my aunt “made” them go to college, since their 17-year-old plan was to kayak and rock climb for life. not very lucrative.

so they went to MSU, where they had unbelievable hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, waterfall climbing (when they freeze in the winter, and I’m not making that up).

Now one is an aerospace engineer and the other works at an outdoor clothing manufacturer, I think Mountain Hardwear.

BOth turned out great and they loved their time in Bozeman.

Hope Maleek takes advantage of that very cool college.


My nephew went to Montana State on a football scholarship a few years back and loved every minute of Bozeman and vicinity. He had several 50+ field goals but could not quite make the NFL. He had several tryouts, Titans, Oilers, and Chiefs but could never quite get over the hump. He is now a successful engineer with one of the major oil companies.

I have been to a basketball game at Montana State. The 1996 Big Sky tourney championship game. Great atmosphere. Love Bozeman.