Maleek and TJ

IMHO, we have got to give these guys more touches. As Clay has said, Maleek can be his own lead blocker. That’s one more blocker than our other backs will have this season, and as he showed on Saturday, the man is more than just a short yardage back. TJ needs the ball in space, and this staff needs to find creative ways to make that happen. I have no idea how well these guys practice. I do know that they have made big plays in games. Gotta reward that.

I have been surprised at the lack of touches for Williams. He has impressed at every scrimmage I’ve attended for two years.

Agree with you, Eagle.

Coach Morris just said that he was taking 4 TBs and 7-8 WRs this week on the road because you can only take 70

Wonder who will stay home?

Now you’ve done it.

If you can’t block jet sweeps and screens, TJ is the fifth best, IMO. So I’d take Whaley, Hayden, Boyd and M. Williams.

WR is a little tougher, because you probably need returners out of that group, and may need another one or two for other special teams stuff. I think the play of the two senior WRs has not been very good to date, but it would be hard not to take Nance and Cornelius to Auburn. Woods, Pettway and Jordan for sure. Harrell has not played much to date, but we probably need guys who can fight for the ball against Auburn’s physical and very grabby(watch the second half of the LSU game) DBs. I wish K. Jackson could get on the field. I’d take Warren if he is available, not sure why he was not out there Saturday.

I’d leave at least two of the QBs home. I think Jones and Hyatt don’t make the trip. Lindsey can QB is it gets desperate. He goes because he is holder. I would not leave any of the TBs at home unless they aren’t 100% healthy.

Should be Devwah Whaley dude is overrated

Could not disagree more. He’s doing a good job, ran for about 165 against Colorado State. Considering the OL play, his production is fine. Of all our problems, the backs really aren’t one. I would almost bring five, see what you could do with TJ on the gadget stuff, and only bring seven WRs.

He had enough carries that game to run for 500 yards other backs given the same number of carries Whaley has had would of performed better imo

I certainly wouldn’t leave Whaley home.

I would cut the WR numbers down and take all 5 running backs. Our offensive line will not hole a block long enough for our QB’s to throw the ball!

Would take the guy with a 65 yard TD run over Hayden. Chase has not been impressive thus far.

Chase Hayden is coming back from an injury last year give him a break.

Whaley 45 carries, 205 yards
Williams 8-91
Hayden 20-90
Boyd 13-82
Hammonds 7-22 (remember the 64-yard dash at Colorado State came on a shovel pass so it counts as receiving yards instead)

I really like what I’ve seen of Boyd but we have so many people were trying to keep happy he can’t really show what he can do I was afraid this was going to happen

Only one punter please