Malazan rumor

I jus read on line that Malazan was considering hiring Chad Morris on his staff!

Chad is considering that, according to His son is considering an offer to play at Oklahoma.

That would save UofA some money.

Wouldn’t doubt that since Gus and Chad are close, Chad doing what he does best as OC with Auburn’s athletes beat the crap out of us.

I thought Gus was calling his own plays.

I’m sure Gus has major influence on play calling but still has an OC.

You mean Chad may go to work for his dear friend.

It would also improve our chances of beating Auburn.

LOL, hopefully Gus gives Hanging Chad COMPLETE control of the offense, that way we’ll all know every play he’s about to run.


They will know at least 20% of the offense .


Ok that’s funny!

I wish him the best, was unable to move the Hogs upward and it cost him in the long run. WPS