Malachi Singleton

Tonight a lady at a Chattanooga area Middle School football game saw my Hog shirt and asked me if I had heard of Malachi. I quickly replied absolutely and that we’re so happy he’s planning on being a Razorback. The lady said she used to work with Malachi’s mom and still talks to her frequently and that the Hogs are getting a fine young man who come from a wonderful family. She went on and on about his mom and family. She said she was a Georgia fan and was shocked he didn’t choose the Bulldogs. Then she started bragging on Sam and our staff. She said Malachi’s family loves him and she does too. It’s amazing the people you meet wearing Hog gear.


The Hog is Strong.


Sounds like a great conversation with the lady.
Malachi would most likely be going to GA if Sam was still assistant coach there.

Hogs & Sam Pittman are like peas & carrots.

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Malachi’s Mom is a pretty lady who’s probably our best recruiter in Georgia. Her twitter is #MargaretJO5. She’s a hoot to follow.

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Malachi isn’t one to do many interviews but I’ve heard the same thing about him from several people. People who come in contact with him are very impressed.

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