Malachi Singleton update

They have another round in the playoffs but he’s not expected to play this week. I know the hope was he would come back for playoffs but it looks unlikely.

Still expect him to make his official visit in Dec. I’m fairly sure he’ll come Dec. 2-4.

Really need to hold on to him…


I see his mom on Twitter. Doesn’t seem to be any wavering on her part. She tweeted the other day about a Hog fan coming in to her store.


Yeah and I’ve heard no other mention of him going back to UCF to see another game so I like our chances to hold on to him unless something changes between now and signing Day

You know the coaches were discouraging that.


Yeah I’m pretty sure they were on top of that right as soon as that was being mentioned.

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I hope his rehab goes well! He will need some time to get knowledge of the offense once he’s healed up! A position battle to come.

I’m holding out hope. I love it when Kennesaw kids go to Arkansas; mine stayed in Georgia.

Have read where he supposedly has been to UCF for visits twice in the past month which does not make me feel good. We better slam dunk the visit in December

When did that change? Thought he didn’t go back.

I read it in an article but I forget where it was at

They talked about this on the radio today and from what I heard it doesn’t appear to be an issue.
They all think he will sign with the hogs.

That’s great to hear!thanks for sharing

Your welcome.

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I sure hope he stays a Razorback, love his film.

Army did they mentioned that he has family in the Orlando area on the radio program?? I think we’re going to have to really nail him down when he visits or we may run the risk of losing him.