Making a list

Like Santa I am making a list and checking it twice. Here are coaches that have been mentioned: Anderson ASU, Brown Troy, Strong USF, Aronda LSU DC, Harsin Bosie State, Les Miles, Kiffin FAU, Norvell Memphis, Leach WS, Brohm Purdue, Morris SMU, Vernable Clemson DC, I am surethere are few more. What other options have I left out? Which of these including the ones you might add would we have a chance with? Which of these would get you excited and why?

Kiffin would get me excited because he would be the most dynamic recruiter, and that’s what it boils down to.

You have to recruit at a high level, look at the play off teams, and then their recruiting ranks… that’s no coincidence. Kiffin also has a great offensive mind.

Venables would get me a little excited because of how bad our defense has been.

After that none of those guys get me very excited.

Jeff Brohm Santa Please

Chad Morris if I have too

The guy from Memphis is OK

another coach old like Sumlin or new ?- heard or unknown - just make the pain STOP Santa

if you want to give me switches send Charlie Strong (have I been that bad Santa that you hate me that Strong?)

Santa can you put Auburn on probation for buying players please? We need to level the playing field

Give the SEC front office switches and saber tooth crotch crickets for moving the Ark vs LSU game