Making a Case for Coach B

These days is not popular not to get in the band wagon waving a flag “11-27 Fire the Coach”. But I am not looking for popularity, but what is fare and what is good for the University. In the following I will present some facts and no spin, you be the judge.
BB’s record as of this writing: (Record/Conference): 2017: 4-6/1-5. 2016: 7-6/3-5; L Belk Bowl. 2015: 8-5/5-3, W Liberty Bowl. 2014: 7-6/2-6 W Texas Bowl. 2013: 3-9/0-8. After the depleted team of 2012, we saw study progress, two bowl wins then the loss to MO. It was like getting a punch on the jaw, going down. The eight count is over and we are still on the mat. Can we get up or should we call an ambulance?
Looking at the depth chart for Miss ST game, this is what I found: On offense we have 4 freshman, 11 sophomores, 10 juniors, 2 seniors. On Defense: 8 freshman, 6 sophomores, 6 juniors, 7 seniors. Underclassmen offense 25, defense 20. A young team that has not developed physically or experience.
I looked at losses for this year: TCU is 8-2, Texas A&M 6-4, SC 7-3, AL 10-0, AU 7-2, LSU 7-3. Those on AP top 25 are: #1 AL, #6 AU, #11 TCU, #21 LSU. Some of them played or will play #7 GA, and #17 Miss ST. Of all these TAM loss was a bad one. Hard Schedule.
We suffered some injuries as well: TY Clary Fr. Knee, Hjalte Froholdt Jr ankle, Frank Ragnow both ankles (4 weeks ago), Austin Cantrell Knee, Cheyenne O’Grady bruised tailbone, De’Andre Coley ankle (missed 4 games), Austin Allen shoulder(missed 4 games), There may be others like the receiver, can’t think of his name now.
In addition to those quality players on the bench this year, the 2018 class of recruits are impressive: Sean Michael Flanagan DB 4*; Emmit Gooden DL 4*; Byron Hanspar Jr. Ath. 4*; Tanner McCalister RB 4*; Connor Noland QB 4*; Noah Gatlin OL 3*, Jeremy Gibson RB 3*; Luke Jones OL 3*; John Mincey DL 3*; Bumper Pool LB 3*; Isaiah Nichols DL 2* (DL’s are hard to come by. He had offers from MO, NC ST, IN, Kan, Mem).
In conclusion: BB has a stiff buy-out at this time, a young team on the ground now and more on the bench added next year, plus the 2018 commitments. He has ran a clean program, no one can call us a cheater. He has worked hard to recruit and build a program; ups and downs can not be avoided. We will also be in stiff competition with other schools that are more attractive. My thinking is, let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water. Let’s give him a chance to put it all together.

Amen … Good post nshir24… I’m with you!

I think he gets another chance to turn the team around. It’s not a popular thought but there are things in his favor. Would love to see him change the thinking with a pair of season ending wins and a bowl game. Not confident, but hopeful. It would be good for a young team to get the bowl practices.

Good post. I would give him another year but he needs some staff changes

Good post! I’m with you man!
In my opinion, CBB has got to get this defense fixed. That and the offensive has got to be a priority.
Until he can recruit and build a SEC defense, it won’t matter much what the offense does. We are capable of scoring points inspite of an inferior OL. WE do have some young talent on this team and some good ones coming in.
Even if we get the OL fixed, until we get a SEC caliber defense we will struggle to compete with the big boys in the West!
Woo Pig!

Guys I appreciate your vote of confidence, but I’ll have to disagree with you and instead side with Bret Bielema. He said year 5 “would be the judge of his program.” You may have missed it when I posted this recently, so I’ll post the link one more time … ok-offense

Well here we are in year 5 and Arkansas is 4-6 and 1-5 and dead last in the West.

He asked to be judged in year 5 - not year 6 - and with only two tests left the current grade is F.

There is no case to be made.

Another year could be too much for this program to bounce back from.

He would start the year 3-3, and all hell would break loose.

Would be a really bad mistake.

I think that argument can be made with a straight face if we win one of the last two, and has better appeal if we win both. But 4-8, even with all the things out of BB’s control that have contributed to it, is very tough to swallow after five years, especially since there has not been a big year during that time.

The problem with 5-7 is that then you get into a Kevin Sumlin situation in 2018, where anything but a monster year is not going to be good enough. I’m not sure 8-4 would be good enough in year six, and a 9-3 would have to include a big upset.

We are playing two hot teams in the last two games, in front of what is sure to be depressingly small crowds. The team has not quit on BB, and you really never know in these kind of situations, but the outlook is grim.

I am not one of those who think that BB’s system can’t work at Arkansas. It actually showed signs that it was working until late in the 16 season, when the team broke mentally. The primary reason in my mind for a change is that BB never fully restored the team’s confidence after the crushing chokes against Missouri and Virginia Tech. Sure, we need to recruit better, but the guys who are in the program have to be mentally tough, regardless of talent level. While we have some individual players that are mentally tough, the team as a whole is not mentally tough, especially on defense, and that is on the coaching staff.

Boys…boys…it’s over…it’s over…let’s move forward to a brighter future.

If Coach were allowed to come back it would be brutal for the fan base and for Coach Bielema. When he started losing again,he would catch so much grief it would be shameful. He had 5 years to show he could build the program, and it did not happen. He walks away having made $25-30 million. That is a pretty nice parting gift.

CBB has a lot of things to get fixed to get this program trending up. OL is a train wreck, Ragnow is gone.

AA is gone, although his production this year hasn’t been up to par.

Coach Herb’s program isn’t impressing with all the injuries. Enos will bail because he realizes CBB will be a lame duck coach.

3-4 defense was a band-aid and has failed miserably.

We’ll have the NEZ project finished and will need butts in the seats. I don’t think a failed coaching regime can do that.

Time to cut bait, get a new breath of fresh air in here and be done with all of CBB’s cliches and BS talk. He looks defeated in the pressers, I think he’s ready to move on.

Go Hogs!

“its not popular” because it really isnt defensible anymore

He’s gone. It has been decided. There’s nothing he can do save his job now.

Good job great post, I think it’s falling on deaf ears as most has made up their mind. I’ve grown weary of the situation, I continue to think he can turns things around but not this season with the injuries continuing to pile up to the core of this team. I think the next two games have to show something that brings hope to the fan base for CBB to stay, I have no idea what that would be at this point. I feel at times we are close as coach says and then we have a blunder that’s sets us to reeling downward, I thought holding LSU to seven points the first half was a win then we tumbled the 2nd half, the Qbs inability to throw a accurate deep ball keeps the running game stagnant. But I like the points you made about our youth and recruits for next year it’s looks good. WPS

He is likely a good guy (I don’t know him) but he’s been a terrible football coach in the last couple of years. Repeat: terrible. I frankly think he’s grown a little lazy and probably delegates too much. And he’s an awful in-game coach. Talk to Wisky fans, and he’s been that forever. Horrific SEC record, losses to TTech and Toledo, blowouts by Auburn, never beating Aggies, and the second half collapses last year. Oh yeah, and his team sucks this year and is one of the worst in the SEC.

It’s really not a close case. He cannot be allowed to destroy our beloved Razorbacks any more. I am surprised any of you feel differently.

Hog fans are some of the most passionate anywhere… that’s good and bad. If CBB comes back next year every thing he says and does will be picked to tiny pieces and that’s before you get to the inevitable losses that will follow on the field. It will be a meltdown beyond the Nutt departure because we have been a non-factor in football for a long time and patience will be run out of town faster than CBB. It will be better for all concerned to avoid that kind of ugly.

Are you freaking kidding me? You want what’s best for the program right?

Here are the NO SPIN FACTS: 11-27 in SEC play.
EVERY SEC GAME loss has been by at least 3 TD’s except for A&M. That’s the problem…when we lose, we are getting blown out.
This is year 5 and trending down
5th straight loss to A&M
1-4 against Auburn
1-4 against State…yes, that’s correct, 1-4 against MISSISSIPPI STATE!
OLINE is terrible and worse than last year
Loss to Missouri last year who was 0-7 in SEC play. You understand that means that every SEC team they played beat them but us right? Unacceptable
2 games in a row that we blew big halftime leads of 24-7 and 24-0. Who does that? Oh wait, Bielema’s teams do.
Worst defense in the history of our program in 2016
2017 defense is ranked in the 90’s out of 128 teams in the NCAA. Terrible.
This is the worst 6 year span of Arkansas football since the 1940’s. Meaning there has not been at least a 9 win year, a conference championship, or a division championship.

The 5 year experiment is over.

–if BB stays–

what is the acceptable win total for 2018??
and 2019??

6 yrs or 7??

when will the break thru occur??

Don’t forget giving up the most rushing yards EVER in an SEC game against Auburn last year. Most embarassing defensive performance I’ve ever witnessed in 40 years of watching the Hogs!

Why try and let a Coach that is terminal hang around for another year, and the fan base has to suffer through the Coaches demise?
Coach BB is treading water and going down for the 5th time. Put him and the fans out of their misery and terminate CBB

I’d love to make a case for Coach Beilema. I really would. I like the man immensely. I’m not even sure he couldn’t turn it around & end up becoming very successful here. However, he has lost the fan base. Even if he comes back next year, he’ll be the subject of constant criticism. We might not see a loss in season ticket sales, but it’ll be hard to increase attendance. The first loss would seal the deal unless by chance it didn’t come until about the 6th game of the year. Even then it’d have to be followed up by several wins. Anything less than 9 wins would be enough for most to howl for his head. Less than 8, we’d have terrible problems.

I doubt a new coach will do any better next year than he’d do. However, the new coach will have a certain cache of good will. A new coach going 7-5 would be a hero.

I can’t defend the current 4-5 record, especially in light of the margin of the losses & the lackluster way we’ve won. What’s worse, I know we’ll lose at least one of the last two & we’ll probably lose both. If he can somehow win both, I say keep him, but even with that, he’ll be on the hottest of hot seats next year.