Makes you go 'Hmmm..."

Three pitchers go down with serious arm injuries.
After the new pitching coach comes in, with his emphasis on “power pitching”.
Heard all kinds of reports about how much increase in velocity so many guys had achieved.

I’m probably over-reacting
Probably just really bad luck

But it’s in my training to always be looking for cause and effect.
And I am NOT a sports medicine doc or orthopedist. Not my area of expertise at all.

MissState had three Tommy John surgeries in the fall of 2016. That was after our pitching coach left them so I don’t know if he can be blamed. The season before, so far, I find one, Jesse McCord, who had a season ending injury and he went to JC not surgery. Here is the quote from their season preview site:

“Ethan Small, Jared Padgett, and Keegan James all pitched well in their summer league performances, but all three had Tommy John surgery. None of them will pitch until 2018.”

Well, we had plenty of problems with pitchers’ health last year, under Jorn. So I don’t know that we have much evidence that the coaching change is responsible just yet.

But not TJ problems, although McKinney can probably be blamed on his previous injury. I wonder if anything happened at DBU?

Carson Shaddy had to have Tommy John surgery and never pitched. While it’s probable that pitching is what caused the injury to Scroggins, there is the chance that it was an injury suffered playing the infield.