Make up games and conference tournament seeds

Right now, it looks like some SEC teams are not going to play the full conference schedule. There is only one date open for everybody-the Saturday before the tournament starts, and several teams have more than one postponed game to try to play.

I can’t see anybody having to play more than twice a week in conference play.

Which creates problems in deciding which postponed games to play. For example, do you try to get the games for NCAA probable/possible teams, and just forget about games between teams that can only make the Dance by winning the conference tournament?

Missouri postponed a game with LSU, but LSU just postponed a game with Florida, too. Who gets to play LSU and who winds up a game short? A &M is short two games with Vandy plus their game with us. Tennessee is short a game.

And what about seeding for the conference tournament? Do we just go on winning percentage when the number of games played is unequal?

Normally I would agree, but there ain’t anything normal about this season. Weird situations require weird responses.

Looking at the standings, Bama has played all its SEC games, Misery is down LSU and Vandy; us, Florida and LSU are all on the sidelines tomorrow; EOE missed a game with the Chickens; Kentucky also missed a game with the Chickens, who have missed three themselves. Georgia, OM, Moo U and Auburn have played all theirs, the Aggies have missed two games with Vandy and now us; and Vandy has missed Misery and two with A&M. Can you make all of those up? Maybe not, but the teams that have only missed one probably can be completed. Maybe even those who have missed two. I see no way the Poultry can get all 18 games unless they have about three three-game weeks.

Do we just go on winning percentage when the number of games played is unequal?


The teams that need two games could play Friday, March 5, and Sunday or Monday before the SECT. Everybody is open on March 6, so those needing one game can reschedule then (or on Friday or Sunday in our case since A&M has two games to make up). Is the SEC going to do that? We’ll see. I know they told Muss not to pick up a nonconference game tomorrow in case A&M is rescheduled so they apparently have some rescheduling in mind.

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