Make NCAA or break in new coach?

Yes I love Mike too and root for him so much.

But 1 and 5 for NCAA is completely unacceptable.

Even if we have been losing fans in the stands.

I so hope to be wrong,

Just want to make ncaa so Mike can survive.

But no coach can go 1-5 NCAA at D1 program that has top 20 history.

Come on hogs!

Please please please just find a way to make tournament.

Not a hater of Mike - love Mike and hate to question like this.

Yes yes Missouri shot well. Hopefully just one bad loss.

If this team does not make the tournament I will see no reason that Mike earned a seventh year. What program would accept one tournament appearance in 6 years? That is not even accepting mediocrity.

Mike isn’t going anywhere this year unless maybe the wheels fall off and we lose most of the rest of season. I figure we probably lose 3-4 more during this next 8. Meaning we would have to win the SEC tourney to make it. But this is just a guess bc I am NOT an expert. Just feel the need to clarify for the detractors who only want week educated and expert opinions.

No one has supported Mike more than me. But he’s officially on the hot seat unless he makes the dance. And he needs to win at least one there.

Tonight was bad. Very bad.