Make it 13 - Myles Brooks commits to Arkansas...

just now.

He is a 6-1, 190-pound 3-star safety prospect from Pflugerville, Texas, Hendrickson.

He was originally committed to Baylor, but de-committed in mid-June.

Chose Arkansas over Ole Miss, SMU, Baylor, Colorado State, Florida International, Louisiana Tech and Texas State.

Good for him! Can’t blame him for taking his best offer either.

Ugh. Just ugh.

Didn’t you just say in another thread that he had a better offer list - night and day - than Zimos?

good size…body frame to add 20 more pounds?

Yes DD. But I was looking at a 2020 recruit. Different Myles Brooks(Miles Brooks).

Now THIS Miles Brooks would be amazing to have.

Why haven’t we offered him??? … oks-185428

Is there anything that this head coach or staff has done or could do that you can or would say anything positive about?

Or is it an act that is all criticism all the time?

Well, they may have. You have already proven today that one site wasn’t accurate.

Always best to just think negative, huh?

Did you just find a kid from Jackonville, Fla. and toss him out? Seems fishy that there is a Myles Brooks being talked about on here and suddenly you pop up with a Miles Brooks.

Good for the Hogs and CM! Big, physical DB helps us against these big time WR’s in the SEC.

4.56 laser with 40+ vertical for a safety. 120+ SPARQ. Serious athlete. Chad is and company bringing home the bacon.:smile:

We haven’t offered. But 6 SEC schools have.

As soon as you reported it, I went to Rivals and clicked on the wrong kid. Easy mistake. But it would be nice to get a player like that.

But I am curious to why we haven’t offered him for 2020.

Dang those numbers, tho! Speed and size is what you gotta have at DB in this league.

BREAKING NEWS: Elmo admits he made a mistake. Joins the rest of the world in admitting they have done so as well.

As for your question, it would seem has if they either have others they like more or don’t think they can get him and are putting resources in other kids.

There are some kids we have gotten that have great talent in this class. Rivals has us at 25, 24/7 has us at 31.

But they are working hard, and we’ve gotten a bit up the list. I just look at the schools we beat out when a kids comes here. Today I just wasn’t very thrilled about it. At all. But I am glad these kids get to experience being at a great school.

I am optimistic about having a competitive class. I just am not very confident in his coaching ability.

What about the other nine coaches?

Surely you agree he has better coaches on defense than he did at SMU?

And that he is getting better players here than he did there?

What’s our target # to sign (ballpark)?

I see where you’re going DD - very clever.

First. This isn’t SMU. The caliber of player you can get there, is way different to what is required in the SEC West. Doesn’t mean you can’t get an amazing player or 2 there, but it’s night and day.

I like Chavis. But is he the guy that had D that dominated at TN and LSU? Or is he gonna be the guy who had the D that Wake tore apart in the bowl game? That’s the question. I will say this - CM made it a huge point to say we were gonna get the best DC in America. Those were his words he told all those kids that day. We didn’t.

I think Craddock will be shocked along with CM as to how big and fast it’s gonna be against those defenses. Just not enough experience - Especially Craddock.

Caldwell and Lunney are good and know about being a Razorback. Barry is critical to getting HH to sign with us.

Dustin Fry is gonna be in the same boat as Craddock - Limited experience at this level. Stepp as well.

Basically the SMU staff will be in for a shock. Doesn’t mean they are bad people, it’s gonna be hard. They better be ready.

This isn’t an OJT job. You have to be able to matchup and go against the best. Every play. Every Saturday. There are 2 title winning coaches in our division alone. It has nothing to do with how good you can recruit. It’s all coaching and adjustments. SMU and non SEC players don’t cut it in this league. A few end up developing, but talent is talent. You cannot argue about that.

I really wanna pull and be excited about it, and seeing us in the top 25 on Rivals is so cool. In that regard, I am pleased. I just don’t think that CM is ready for all of this. But were stuck with him. He will have to earn my trust and approval through results on the field.

To be fair, it’s not like Morris hasn’t game planned against teams with elite talent and been successful. You’re holding prejudice against Morris because his first head coaching job was at SMU, and yes, SMU doesn’t pull elite talent or play the cream of the crop on a weekly basis. BUT, why are you stopping at SMU? He was offensive coordinator against the likes of one of those championship coaches you’re talking about. And yes, he did game plan against SEC schools while at Clemson. I think they played 3 SEC schools while he was there at Clemson. It will be difficult, nobody is saying it isn’t, but I don’t believe he’s as much a “babe in the woods” as you make him out to be. But, time will tell.

Here’s Dudley’s story: … edge-week/

TCU held Arkansas to 7 points last year, lowest point total of season.The following week SMU hung 36 on TCU. Only OU scored more points on TCU than SMU (38). Arkansas is going to move the ball and score.If Chavis and the boys can hold up their end, we will be ok. UCF your National Champs beat SMU by a touchdown only because of two big drops by Courtland Sutton. Morris issues at SMU were always defense and it’s hard to get ballers at SMU when only about 1500 fans show up at their home games.