Major women's BB target visiting this weekend (she commits)

Destinee is expected to arrive Friday for her unofficial visit and leave on Sunday. Arkansas is in very good shape here. … nee-mcghee

Neighbors is getting the job done and will be very competitive soon. WPS

Yes he is on the court & recruiting.
Jeff Long got that one right.

Yes Jeff Long got it right hiring Coach Neighbors. I’m proud we have him. It will take a little time but he will get the job done. He got last years team to play hard and compete and this year the team has a different look with more talent. The transfers will play a key role. The crootin will pick up and I hope he gets some hogs lined up.
This will be a fun season to watch them play

I had the pleasure of visiting with Coach Neighbors in Atlanta at a showcase/tournament this summer. He looked me in the eye and was very engaging. Proud to have him.

#60 in the country per ESPN. Very nice pickup, Coach!

Coach is getting it DONE man!!! I have a feeling he is going to light it up in recruiting and it is only a matter of time before his teams are ballin and ranked on a consistent basis!!! Way to go CMN!!!

Great news for the lady backs! Maybe we get some more good news later about the footballs visitors