Major target plans to be at practice

OL Markis Deal said he and his family is headed to the Hill to catch practice. They’re also supposed to watch practice Tuesday.


His father said they’re 30 minutes out.

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athleticism running wild for OL prospects, this kid is 3 sport good… Jaguash is 2 sport great and on and on. Pittman has the visits that could put us another level up. I really like the Deal kid, especially when a common word for him is tough. May not be as polished but he has the nature to be a big time OL.

Deal’s offer list is extremely high level. He looks like a poster for a Pittman Razorback offensive lineman.

RD, did they get to watch the Sunday practice?

Parts of it. They leave Wednesday so they plan to be at Tuesday’s practice.

Thats great as Clay said it was a pretty slick practice

They just left the complex about 30 minutes ago after attending meetings.

Here’s some tidbits form today’s visit.

They arrived at 9 am and left about 3.

*He spent time with the DL and OL to observe how they do things on both sides. He plays both sides in HS.

*He spent time with some of the players and could tell the players have enjoyed their time there. That’s really important to him.

*He was pleasantly surprised by the facilities. He visited for the Missouri game but wasn’t able to see everything like he did today.

*Has a good bond with Cody Kennedy and has been impressed with Deke Adams in the short time they’ve talked.

They were able to catch the second half of Sunday’s practice. He said it was high tempo and liked how the coaches interacted with the players. He picked up some footwork tips that Kennedy teaches.

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Sounds encouraging. Way more that most of the schools interested in him will ever get

Very good to hear this. Sounds like a kid willing to learn.

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