Major target planning to visit

for the LSU game.

Probably aware but his sister graduated from Arkansas last year. She bought a house in the area and is really wanting him to be a Hog.

He said he FaceTimes Pittman and Kennedy every week. He said the Hogs up are definitely up there on his list. BTW, he said he’s 290.


eerily reminiscent of Solomon Thomas, we are ahead of where we were when Solomon chose Stanford over us despite so many family connections. I like our chances.

Wasn’t he the recruit we had in the bag until Bielema messed up at their dinner together?

Please don’t get this started again!

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I think that was Garrett Bolles, that wound up at Utah. Went 1st round to the Broncos. Could’ve really used him in the later Bielema years.

That was shortly after Sam left. That’s what killed Arkansas’ shot at getting Bolles. Probably had him if Sam had stayed.

Need his brother to transfer from OU also!

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