Major step forward for Daryl Macon

Daryl has signed a two way contract with the Mavericks. Two way contract means Daryl will have some guaranteed days in the NBA and rest of the time in G League. Each team is allowed 2 two-way contracts. Congrats to Daryl.

That’s great. I think that was his best possible scenario. You have to be happy for him.

Also means he gets paid better during his G-League time.

Very happy for Daryl. I really enjoyed watching him play and his personality was a breath of fresh air. One of my favorite players of the post Eddie/Nolan era. Hoping all of his basketball dreams come true.

Good for him! Macon was an Arkansas kid who really wanted to be Razorback. Nearly all of the great Hog b-ball teams had an instate player that was the spark plug of the team and loved the wins and really hated the losses. That is what being a Razorback is all about. The current recruiting class has a lot of Arkansas kids and I expect that they will over achieve like so many others in the past. WPS.