Major misprint in today's Demozette

They have schedule and Missouri game on December 3, kicking off 1.5 hours before the SEC title game.

I guess if either Missouri or Arkansas make the SEC champ game, they will just have to fly to Atlanta in uniform and pads right after the game in Columbia, Missouri. Lol

This is a major journalistic error for the “State newspaper”.

There is not a schedule anywhere listing that as the date of the Arkansas-Missouri game.

Fun story is going to be who screwed that up and how and why!

You know, these days and times, I doubt that anyone will care much the mistake was made.

The Louisiana Tech game is February 3 at 10 pm.

Editing before printing is a thing of the past. It doesn’t happen.

I would call it a mistake, but in the grand scheme of things, I wouldn’t call it a “major” mistake.

If that was a “major misprint” what was this?

That a newspaper can allegedly print a football schedule and be so blatantly wrong – and it be shrugged off as not a big deal – it’s just another reflection of the new acceptance of mediocre work product in today’s society.

Good work, pride in authorship, and accountability have given way to settling for second-best and making excuses.

I see it everywhere these days. This is just one instance.

The link I’ve attached is a tongue-in-cheek effort by comedian John Oliver, explaining why newspapers are a dying breed. And probably answers the situation you offer in your OP. Not enough money, not enough people, etc., etc. Piece is lengthy.


That’s a regrettable but minor error. I doubt anyone made nonrefundable travel plans based on this article. The Demozette will have many opportunities over the next four months to get it right. John Oliver’s piece is spot on. If everyone subscribed to their local paper, errors like this would be less common.

In our era of downsized newspapers, one of the areas that has been hit hardest is the copy desk. I’m not talking only about the ADG, but at papers nationwide. That is the last line of defense from a misprint. The copy editors now are being asked to read much more across many departments. There may not be someone specifically on sports, and if a proofer doesn’t care or pay attention to sports, a Dec. 3 football game is not going to look out of the ordinary.

As for who wrote it, I’m sure there is an explanation, although I don’t know what it is. I know several schedules come with the SEC championship game already built in. Perhaps the wrong date was deleted. Who knows?

I do know this: you can read your own work many times and still gloss over something. I wrote today that the Razorbacks were going to play Texas in the Honda Center, when in reality Houston’s basketball arena is sponsored by Toyota. As the online editor, I’m the last line of defense here. I hate that I made that mistake, but mistakes happen.

More and more I see people overreacting to everything these days. This couldn’t just be an honest mistake, it has to be mean that society as whole is in decline, lacks accountability, has no pride and settles for second best.

I tend to think your reaction says more about society these days than a print mistake in the newspaper.