Major League Baseball and Cheating

MLB is cracking down on pitchers who cheat by using foreign substances. They are going to give them 10 day suspensions, and the pitchers are all upset. Garrret Cole of the Yankees complained, “we can’t grip the ball”. Please, that may be the lamest excuse I have ever heard.

I think the only reason MLB is cracking down is because hitting is at a pathetic level. It is not because the pitchers are cheating, which they are, but because it is hurting the game because guys strikeout so much. The hitters appear inept, as a general rule.

This “cheating” has been going on since baseball began. MLB is such a joke. Why, now? Somewhere Gaylord Perry is laughing his butt off.

They have the resin bag. They should be able to grip the ball. Gamesmanship by the pitchers. There should be no crying in baseball.

This makes sense.

Speaking of the resin bag, I noticed something watching part of the replay of the 2nd game in our Super this past weekend (I was at the game, and re-watched part of the recording I had made to check on some things I wasn’t sure of in real time).

There was a hit that Battles got in our 7th inning rally Saturday that drove home a run. In real time, I saw some sort of “bad hop” as it scooted past 2nd base into centerfield. I thought it must have barely nicked 2nd base as it passed by.

But watching the replay, it actually hit the resin bag lying there on the mound. I don’t recall ever seeing that before. What made it more fascinating (and unlikely) is that the bag was on the backside of the mound, where it slopes away from home plate toward 2nd. If you picture yourself at the plate, there’s literally just one extremely small window that would allow that to happen. If the ball is 1/4 inch lower, it probably nicks the pitcher’s mound before it gets to the bag, and possibly pops up higher in the air and slows down enough for the 2nd baseman…who narrowly missed catching it as it was…to make a play on it.

Moot point, especially since we lost and I’m trying to put all of that behind me. But it’s just another example of the old axiom that no matter how long and/or how many ball games you have watched, occasionally something will happen that you’ve seen before.

As for the main topic of this thread, it takes me back to the 60’s and 70’s, where some of those old school pitchers were masters of hiding and getting to foreign substances to ply their craft. Gaylord Perry jumps immediately to mind, but there were several well known for doctoring the ball.

The spitball has been around forever.

Spit ball and doctoring are not nearly the problem that some believe. It takes someone good enough to get you out without those things to take advantage. Most are unable to effectively harness the use of a foreign substance. That’s from several pitching coaches who have worked in pro ball.

Could it be the ever changing of the baseball to accommodate either the pitcher or the hitter. It seems every few years the ball is constructed a little differently to compensate for lack of hitting or over abundance of hitting.
Wound tighter or lesser. Seams raised or lowered or seams closer or farther apart.
Center make up of the ball I assume stays the same. Still cork?

I recall one time the owners had the ball made “tighter” and it did not work well, too many home runs. I think over the years the actual construction of the ball has been changed and it may be a “looser” ball now resulting in weaker batting. I have always felt one absolutely fixed ball was best for all. Let the players adjust.

Wiz, I saw when that happened and it looked like it also hit second base and bounced a little more to the right. Did you see that on the replay?

Not Wiz, but it did hit both the rosin bag and the second-base bag. So even though it was a single, it was a two-bagger :rofl:

they changhed the major league ball again this year without telling the players’union

Kopps just got a large income boost…

Now, that is called word-smithing! Good one, Swine!

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