Major Invitationals

When was the last time Arkansas was in one of these big invitational tourneys? Tenn and Ole Miss are getting nationally televised games against big teams and we can’t get off of ESPN 3 until late December. We need to start building the Hog brand back. Ok St beating a (bad) UConn is HUGE for visibility to recruits. The Cowboys have as much national clout as Arkansas does. I wonder about our front office sometimes.

Arkansas was in the tournament formerly known as the Preseason NIT last year and Maui Invitational three years ago. And the Razorbacks will be in the Phil Knight Invitational next year.

Arkansas doesn’t turn down opportunities to play in those events, at least not that I am aware. It is up to the tournaments who to invite. For instance, Maui selects one team from each major conference, a mid-major and Chaminade is the host each year.

Yeah we do have the Phil Knight next year. Hopefully that will be a great recruiting tool.

I am surprised you did not know what Matt told you.

We need to win some road games and get our rpi in the top 30. Making the post season is way more important to recruiting than any preseason tournament.