Major change about in state kids

We used to live a die by whether we could get the best in state players in hoops–lots of disappointments between Marcus Monk, Kevaughn Allen, Archie Goodwin, etc.

I think this is going to be way less critical moving forward. Yes, it’s great to get the best Arkansas kids but Muss is going to recruit nationally at the high school level (look at the non Arkansas 2022+ kids we are on) and leverage the transfer portal in such a way that we are way less dependent on Ar high school talent.

Love getting the best AR players like Moses, Portis, Gafford, etc. but it is going to be less mission critical moving forward


I think the focus on in-state talent will still be there but you’re right I think the portal and out of state recruiting could put pressure in-state kids to commit early or maybe lose a spot.


The Razorback basketball program is in a state of huge incline. To be a local HS baller and to want to go out of state is, to me, shallow minded (er, dumb). This coaching staff has options. Just like what happened this week with Lykes. As an experienced, top flight senior, with extensive P5 playing experience, he’s a better one year get than any HighSchooler without the name Williamson. Muss is on a roll. Get on the bus kids.

Richard and MD, I was thinking the exact same thing this week.

And thank goodness, as most of this great 2022 in state class seems to want to go elsewhere. Usually I’d hate that, but currently, we can honestly say “ do what you do, we’ll be fine”

But all that being said, I’d really really like to see darrrian Ford in a hog uni


While I would love to sign all the in-state 2022 class, Muss’s superior use of the portal will definitely soften the blow if we don’t get any of them. Plus, he is recruiting nationally and internationally. It will be nice to finally not have to sweat in-state kids’ “business decisions.” I loved what Moses said on his way out. He is all Hog, and he will be someone for the future Hogs in Arkansas to look up to. He basically said you can come to The Hill and accomplish ALL of your dreams. Amen. Calipari and the rest of the blue bloods are yesterday’s news. The one and done model doesn’t produce natttys, and the Kentucky fan base is well aware of it. Roy retired because of it, and Coach K tried to get the season cancelled because of it. They are all playing catch-up now. What Muss is doing works infinitely better. Baylor is a prime example. There wasn’t a single McDonald’s AA on Baylor’s roster…just a combo of 3 and 4 star dogs, and some way underrecruited tranfers. Sound familiar? Muss was way ahead of the game, and he plays the portal like a concert pianist. He’s like Wolverine…the best there is at what he does. No other program from this year has built on a deep run better than Muss in recruiting, not even Baylor. If the Arkansas kids miss The Buss, I feel sorry for them. Another banner IS going up soon in The Bud…either with or without them.This program is in great hands, and the best is yet to come. Go Hogs!


Lykes has Sportscenter Top 10 written all over him. I loved the highlights I saw of him, but can you imagine what he’s gonna be like playing with actual talent? I’m so excited, I can’t hardly stand it, and that’s even after losing Moses today. Go Hogs!

The song remains the same, I hardly knew you.

I believe you meant Malik Monk not Marcus correct MDHog?

Richard, is there any particular reason the class of 2022 is rather cool on UA?

I would let things play out before saying that.

I agree with Richard.

But I don’t agree the group is rather cool on Arkansas.

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There have been some rumblings that our season and tourney run have helped open up the instate kids. I think Flanigan at Auburn is a problem. Would love to see Muss add an assistant plugged into Arkansas high school/AAU hoops. I doubt he will, his net is so large in terms of connections but it couldn’t hurt. This state is producing high D1 talent and I still believe we need most of them to stay home.

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