Major Announcement -- I have a new job

Some are going to bemoan that I’ve been lining this up for weeks or even months. No. It came at me yesterday and after careful consultation with my inner circle, I said yes this morning.

It’s probably something that will require a little training. I have not thought about this ever, but it seemed like a good fit.

It combines a lot of things that work well for me. I’ll get to talk about fishing. I’ll tie flies during slow times. I’ll have to brew a pot of coffee each morning. I’ll book trips for the guides when someone calls on the phone. And I’ll sit on my butt.

Some of that I do exceptionally well and some of it I’ll have to learn.

I have time for it.

I have the right knowledge.

It’s 1.5 miles from my house and it really fulfills one of my major needs going forward into retirement.

Jean Ann said don’t commit long term and make sure that I can take off for our trips and my trips without much notice. Sarah said to make sure Rosie (our lab) can come along and sleep at the place of business. Becca wanted to make sure I can lock up to go to Heidi’s Ugly Cakes for lunch.

So after working through all of these terms and sleeping one night on it, I have accepted a position at Two Rivers Fly Shop.

I’ll open and close one day a week. You have heard of working for food. I’m going to work for fly rods, waders, fly line, hooks, feathers, hats and rain jackets.

I’ll do either Tuesday or Wednesday, but not both. I’ll probably start next week, although that’s not been determined. Hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. I’ll also handle shuttle needs when a guide needs to have his trailer left at the parking lot at the confluence.

I’ll talk Razorback stuff or fly fishing, either one. Both for free. Come visit me. I’ll be in downtown Norfork on Highway 5.

Any questions?



Awesome job. Thanks for sharing. Do not fall off the stool during slow times–workers comp. is frowned on.

Very nice Clay, how much do you have to pay them each week to work there? With your passion in mind, that’s not a job at all.

You lucky dog. You’ve found the perfect retirement job! You can take 5 day (over the week-end) trips beginning on Thursdays without needing to reschedule anything regarding work. It’s also something you would probably do without pay during your retirement because it involves your passion.

You’ve also given me an idea for my “retirement job”. I need to find a 1 or 2 day a week job at a travel agency. I’ve (we’ve, with my ex for most of the trips) been travel nuts for the last 30+ years. I’ve never been a collector of anything tangible, but a collector of memories through travel. We were fortunate enough to be able to travel 6 to 8 weeks a year for over 20 years.

I’ve been to multiple countries in Europe, South America, the Far East, probably half of the carribean islands, Mexico, and ski vacations to many of the resorts in Colorado. A few of those were business trips, but we always extended my stay for multiple days for a personal trip. Those experiences should have prepared me with lots of knowledge that would serve me well in the travel business.

Thanks, for the idea. :grinning:


Bingo Clay.

I’ve been wanting to say this online but I thought it was out of line. I’m bored to death. So I have opened up Mike Tucker Construction Again. It’s my good friend and framer (Do All even tornado houses) partner that’s pushing me. I have ran my first add in the Southwest Times Record. I just can’t do nothing.

Golf, fishing, all out the window because I can’t do any of all these great things everyone is talking about.

Great for Clay this right up his alley. Clay’s strong point.

So I’m going to try something I’m good at. I love to build things. If it takes off then great if not so be it. I’m not trying to high jack Clays thread but I bet there are a few that thinks Clays and mine or Great ideas.


It’s all about finding the right fit. I never ever thought about working in a fly shop. But one day a week sounds about right and that really helps Dru Zametto (widow of Dominic) get a true day off. Dominic died last fall.


I’m jealous! This is the perfect antidote for the grind you’ve been under for years. Good for you. I used to work part time in my aunt/uncles sporting goods store in Crossett, and that was a lot of fun talking to people and hearing their stories of a hunt or fishing trip. I LOVED the day when the new Browning guns came in each summer bc I’d get to put them together and clean them. We’d go shoot one of them at skeet at the farm to get a feel for them as we sold them…I remember the first year they sent us a camo shotgun! My cousin and I were sweet talking our parents to let us buy it bc that was the coolest thing ever!

Wonderful area that you’ve settled in @ClayHenry. I’ve hit every small town up there selling Little Debbies in the 80’s. Spent time with some wonderful folks. Finding your sweet spot is important. You’ve found yours. Enjoy.


So you are not coming to volunteer at the food pantry?

It’s on the back burner. Sorry Gas. It was a nice offer.

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Awesome news! Happy for you. Prolly not near the stress either. Keep us posted pls.

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You would enjoy that. I’m at our food pantry rite now. One day a week for the last ten years. Very rewarding.

Awesome proud for you my friend sounds exactly right up your alley!!I don’t know diddly Squat about any of that stuff but I can be gofor if you need one lol

I’m going to work for fly rods, waders, fly line, hooks, feathers, hats and rain jackets.

Hmmm, that’s about 2 days a week worth right there.

I’m not sure how many days I have to work for the fly rod that I saw on the wall last week. It’s a new Sage R8. I don’t normally go for Sage rods. I prefer a much slower action. But this one was calling my name.

My last rod was a Winston Air 2, a 9 foot for 6 weight. It’s got the soft action that hits my sweet spot while casting hoppers. It will also handle big nymph rigs with ease.

My first rod was a St. Croix 6 weight and it had the line and reel for $165. I fished with that for about three years and it was a great first rod. Gave me a little room for operator error. Not so much feel.
Right about the same time, Brad Dunn decided I needed a GLoomis fly rod. He fished GLoomis bass rods (not fly rods) and knew they made a good little creek rod. It’s a 7-6 for 4 weight that is sweet, but doesn’t have the back bone for bigger fish. It does have a purpose, small mountain creeks that are 3 foot wide.

Then I got my first top end rod, an Orvis T3 mid flex that was a 9 foot for 5 weight. That was the only rod I fished for about four years.

Then, I got into the Scott G2 softer rods, first a 8-6 for four weight and then an 8-6 for 3 weight. Those were so much fun. It forced me to really learn to cast and be patient. It helped me with my earlier rods and I suddenly had distance.

Then, I got into some faster action rods. There was a 9 foot for 5 weight Scott Radian. Then, I “discovered” the fast action Orvis rods. I have three Helios. About that time I got into split cane bamboo. I have five or six of various styles, including some “built for me” by Tony Austin that are four and five weights, very soft, very much like casting spaghetti. You better know how to cast or you will have a mess of line landing four feet in front of you.

My last two rods are a lot of fun, a 9 foot for 5 weight Scott Centric and the Winston mentioned above. I go back and forth with those two.

Oh, I almost forgot, but I also have several Temple Fork Outfitters rods, including a 9 foot for 6 weight BVK that is reasonably priced and an absolute cannon. That was my boat rod for hopper fishing until I got the new Winston. I’ll have to see which one I use the most.

One last thing, don’t think you are going to start with the Winston or Sage rods mentioned here. They are well over $1,000. They are probably a little better casting than the TFO BVK that is one third that price, but maybe not be a lot, especially for a novice. A really sweet caster (and I’m probably not quite there yet) can tell the difference. I file this away in the category of old guys can get nice toys.

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Over $1,000 it better be able to reel the fish in for you LOL

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That job sounds perfect for you. I know you will enjoy it.

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It takes a Big Man to really be able to adjust on the fly like you have done Clay but we are all jealous and proud of you! I am sure your customers won’t be bored with your conversations and might just spend more because of them…congrats!


I love it. Gotta do what makes you smile.