Mainieri Retiring at LSU

Will announce it today

by choice…or was the writing on the wall?

Just said it on the sec tournament Broadcast … probably a little bit of personal health and direction of program not trending upward

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He seems like a good guy. Sorry to hear it, but not surprised. TN needs to worry.

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One LSU beat writer said Kevin O Sullivan would be targeted.


Mainieri was TOLD he was retiring quite awhile ago. Its been no secret the natives were tired of his particular brand and wanted new mojo. That’s why I mentioned his name over a week ago in the search for the TA&M coaching search. Figured it would be funny for him to take that job and start beating LSU. Does he have interest in another job or does he have a good severance package to draw from for a year or two, I couldn’t say.

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I think LSU will swing big to replace him. With the money they are offering (Kendall said at least $1.6 million) I think they will try to hire someone who has a track record of taking teams to Omaha.

I figured TV name would be possible to.

I suppose that could mean the TT coach, but I don’t think an SEC coach with such a history would get lured away from their current post. O’Sullivan probably has as good a gig at UF although I admit the enthusiasm for baseball there doesn’t match that of LSU. I don’t see DVH leaving or the UA letting him go (i.e. they’d match any offer). An ACC coach? Maybe. I could see Vitello either taking it or leveraging it.

I sat next to several corndog fans at Baum 2 years ago. They said next year (2020) would be his last. COVID may have given him an extra year. But listening to them it’s no surprise to me.

Bianco from OM will get a serious look,former player.

I think LSU made a run at Bianco before they hired Maneiri. At least I was told that by an Ole Miss alum who played football there. Bianco is apparently pretty happy there & they’re happy with him.

I would expect the Aggies are going to try to go big, too. They should be better than what they’ve been lately, and they will spend money in buckets for coaches.

I wonder if either will go after Lane Burroughs at La Tech. He’s been there five years, done well, and might be looking for a program where he has a realistic shot of getting to Omaha from time to time. While Tech has lost to LSU three times this year, Tech has wins over the Hogs and Ole Miss, and has done very well in-conference.

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I heard an interesting discussion this AM either just before, or during the Tennessee/Bama game. One of the commentators noted that LSU has some work to do in bringing their facilities up to the level of Arkansas, Moo U, and the RebNecks. He noted that the fan experience lacks a lot as well.

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That’s surprising giving there ranking in attendance.

They made the conscious choice in building the new Box to create more or less a replica of the old Box. Without improving the shortcomings of the old ballpark, apparently. You get the feeling the LSU ADs after Skip thought baseball was just fine, we don’t need to spend a lot of money to maintain/improve it.

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I’m watching Mainieri’s farewell speech. It has been very good — real emotional.

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Tadlock is going to stay in Lubbock. That’s home for him. The same goes for Van Horn at Arkansas, obviously.

But I think LSU has the appeal to attract most coaches, even ones who have been successful in their current job.

That’s a major job that could potentially have a big domino effect in college baseball.

I have always liked Mainieri. He respects the game and expects his players to do the same (unlike some.) I have actually liked many of the LSU fans. They are knowledgeable and they also respect the game.

Why you would build a stadium that has a bunch of bleacher seats instead of chair-backs is beyond me. Remember that the Box rebuild happened after Baum was built and voted best college stadium.


Maybe LSU thinks their fans always stand?