Main thing holding CBB program down is poor Texas recruiting............


We signed 2 recruits from Texas and one of those was born and lived in Arkansas and had strong family ties to the State, so it was not a great victory to beat out others for him. LSU signed 5 from the state. A&M got the majority of their recruits from Texas but that was true when we were getting many more recruits from that state than now. The UofA has greatly increased the percentage of students from Texas as they promote the school to grow so our percentage of recruits from Texas should be growing not shrinking. The Longhorns have been down, Baylor is down, we beat TCU, only our losing streak to A&M is holding us back. We recruit better in Louisiana, Florida, Oklahoma, and Missouri than ever in our history. We have a strong reputation as being a great program for pro-style tight ends, quarterbacks, and offensive linemen. The same is true for power running backs and fullbacks. If you add better Texas recruiting to all of that, then we are knocking on the top ten recruit class rankings instead of the 21-30 ranking we seem stuck at. JMVVVVHO.

I tend to agree with you about pulling more recruits out of Texas and posted about that a couple of weeks ago. Some countered that we are pulling more kids out of Louisiana than we have before and that is a good thing, but I still think we are not making the most out of recruiting Texas.

OU signed 9 players from Texas and Oklahoma State signed 9 from Texas. We got 2. I get the point that as long as we are signing good kids it doesn’t matter where their zip code was. Florida and Texas both produce the highest number of 4 and 5 star recruits - more than plenty for the D1 schools in Texas to get theirs and still have plenty left over. I believe the overall level of competition in Texas high school football is better than most states. I wish CBB would put more emphasis there.

Agree. Texas should be our biggest source outside of Arkansas.

For whatever reason(probably because he is not a Southerner) Bielema doesn’t really get after it in Texas. He should have gone to see Coach Broyles when he arrived at Arkansas to get his advice. I hope he did. You know Frank would have told him to make Texas a priority in recruiting. Bielema’s recruiting is solid, but could be improved if he concentrated on the Lone Star State.

The staff is not to visible down in texas, but they have to find more ways to get involve, especially in the metroplex areas.

Chevin Calloway left Pine Bluff to move to Dallas at age 3.

Half of the 2018 commits are from Texas - Bumper Pool. :sunglasses:

But I get what you are saying.

I do disagree that they don’t get after it in Texas. They spend a lot of time in the state. Just have not been as successful as in Louisiana and Florida.

Dudley, the real point of what they are saying is that whatever CBB is doing in Texas is not sufficient and he should re-prioritize whatever philosophy he has that will enable him to have more success in Texas. My brother-in-law (former '64 Razorback) is livid mad about CBB’s puny recruiting efforts in Texas.

I think a bunch of people are living in the past again. Yes, we recruited Texas heavily in the past. We were also playing 7 or 8 (or more) Texas schools a year in the SWC. We’re not in the SWC any more, and I think we can’t limit ourselves to talent within a 500 mile radius of Fayetteville (it’s 462 air miles from Hobby Airport in Houston to XNA, but you can’t drive there in less than 500 miles).

Oh, one more thing has changed. Texas recruiting used to be pretty much the TX schools, the Oklahoma schools, LSU and us, and maybe Notre Dame, which has always recruited nationally. Now everyone recruits in Texas. Ohio State got two five-stars from Texas this year. That doesn’t happen 40 years ago.

Should we recruit Texas? Yes. We should also recruit Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, the upper Midwest, out West and anywhere else we might find SEC level talent.

It’s not a magic bullet, folks. A three-star is a three-star and a four-star is a four-star, whether he’s from Dumas, Dallas or Daytona Beach. Doesn’t matter where you get them, either. In fact, there is some evidence that Texas kids, because they’re so heavily coached in the larger high school classifications, have less upside once they get to college than kids from other states (which may help explain Bevo’s recent mediocrity).

Very interesting last sentence, and it could well be quite accurate. I also thought that the earlier statements that you made were on target. Perhaps the one thing that I might add is that I would agree more strongly with the original poster (and others as well) that we need to try to concentrate more efforts on recruiting in Texas. Texas high school football players are (as you stated) very well coached, and the state has a wealth of talented players. Every player that we get cannot be a “Project”. We do need the already polished athletes who are currently playing at a high level, in addition to those who are currently not at their level but appear to have high upside potential. While there are many of the former in most other states, Texas certainly boasts a plethora that we are currently not denting sufficiently in my opinion. Good post by you, and this is just my suggested addendum.

IMO Texas’ slide to mediocrity has less to do with the high school talent in the state, but rather where they are ending up. Their slide coincides with TCU and Baylor’s rise.

Friends who follow both OU and OSU recruiting here in the Tulsa area noted a year ago that both schools were tempted to bail on TX recruiting because it had become “dirty.” Neither of these schools is “clean” by any stretch of the imagination, but OU, in particular, has a network of “support” through north and east Texas that dates to the 1950s. OU was rostering players before integration. Switzer connected with black players before most white coaches were willing to even recruit them. And, the network for OU is stunning.

Stoops talked about it when he first went to OU, that they’d be in some flashing stoplight in a tiny little town and the locals would know everything about the coach and who they were recruiting.

I agree 100% with the notion that we should go get players based on talent not zip code. But, it is a shame that the university as a whole is recruiting the bejeezus out of TX…why can’t we benefit from that more?

Curious if the discovery of NE OK and the big-time talent in 6A produces more attention in the Tulsa area. Loads of D1 players this year.

The answer is not as easy as “CBB needs to focus on TX more,” that’s for sure.

Disagree. Look at TCU and Baylor’s recruiting rankings for the last decade. They have not been taking 4 and 5 stars away from Bevo. They are taking 3 stars and beating Texas’ more highly touted recruits. (Baylor is also taking rapists, but that’s another story.) The last time either Baylor or TCU finished ahead of UT in the recruiting rankings is approximately never. It may well be that they are taking kids from smaller schools who have not been so thoroughly coached in high school and coaching them up.

Yes, Texas is fertile ground and needs to be recruited, but the competition for top players there is very intense. More universities are recruiting there than ever before. I want Texas players, but also want us to recruit nationwide (to an extent), finding gems under rocks everywhere. Not sure who I would say I would rather have than the ones we got this year. There were plenty of others that had more star power, but realistically, the class we got seems good to me. CBS (Tom Lemming) ranks it 20th. Others as low as 27th. I get the feeling 15-30 are pretty interchangeable depending upon the point of view.

Also interchangeable depending on what happens when they get on the field. Sam Khan Jr. at ESPN recently reranked the 2013 SEC classes and ours went from like 9th to 3rd based on on-field performance.

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To get the recruiting going in Texas beat Texas A&M for starters and hire an assistant that has a track record and contacts of recruiting in Texas! This happens one young man at a time. But it makes no difference where the young man comes from. When the hogs have won in the past we did it with a core of Arkansas kids surrounded by the Texas kids. I like the LA and FL pipeline. We just need to win! That helps recruiting more than anything.

Shouldn’t matter where they come from - Louisiana, Texas, Florida, etc.

They just need better players regardless where they are from.

It’s not all about Texas like it used to be.


With regards to the student population, I believe the state of Texas is on the verge of replacing the state of Arkansas. Funny how so many students are from Texas but so few football players.

Just asking…why are we having so much difficulty recruiting Texas?


CBB came with an initial staff that had little recruiting history in Texas and their recruiting reflected that. The border state to Arkansas with the greatest recruiting base was ignored just as the number of students coming to The Hill from Texas was shooting up. They are struggling to regain the recruiting power Arkansas had in Texas under Petrino, Nutt, & Ford. It has nothing to do with living in the SWC past. It is simply that if we can add more great athletes to our recruiting classes, we can move up against our competition and Texas is where we know we can do better than we are doing now. CBB is trying. He has added staff with Texas connections. We are playing non-conference teams from Texas. We play in Dallas every year. We should see a better recruiting result from all that and when we do, I think our program moves up significantly.

My uncle in Dallas had a very good friend that helped some of Holtz and Hatfield’s guys recruit Texas. He watched out for us afterwards as well. He said Texas is tougher for us because we left the SWC and they blame us for it falling apart. He said OU used decades of slush fund relationships to develop pipelines and helped get OU loyal coaches in place at many pipeline quality HS.
There is one thing that stands out from some of the conversations I have had with him and some other recruiting insiders is that we never got into some of the traditional power house HS in Texas and signed someone every year to develop a pipeline.

Your die hard fans of Texas schools don’t like Arkansas, and jumped on our losing years when we joined the SEC. They loved how we changed coaches so much and lost our relationships in Texas high schools. A&M going to the SEC impacted Texas schools badly and they doubled down on walling off Arkansas. Danny Ford responded by signing more Alabama and Louisiana kids. HDN got back in texas but signed way too many projects from Texas. Petrino didn’t do much better than HDN in Texas outside of guys like Knile Davis. He pissed off many of the top Texas HS Coaches and Texas schools did everything they could to help remind everyone in Texas.

They have made it very tough for us at the same time other national programs signed more Texas HS kids (less loyalty to Texas) and the Texas HS FB culture changed to more spread offense.

A great example of a productive pipeline is Rummel HS in LA where we have 3-4 players or Bishop Dunne that is starting to develop potential with Raleigh and now Calloway. We need to establish more of these HS pipelines in Texas, Louisiana and Florida.