I posed this question to you all a few weeks back and 99 percent said they would like to see a mailbag feature. So we’re going to start it this week.

Reply here with any questions you have on the Razorbacks (any sport) and I’ll pick several to answer in the first mailbag feature.

In looking at the Diamond Hogs, what do you see that makes you think they can make it to Omaha. Conversely, what do you see as a limitation to reaching Omaha?

If the “kneeling” incident had not occurred, would there have been fewer transfers and would JD still have his job? Or, was that only one part of the issue?

I would like to see more information about what happened around the women’s basketball team. I’m not trying to get anybody thrown under the bus, but the program seemed to just fall apart. The recruiting started off pretty good. But there were a lot of comments by Jimmy that so and so and he didn’t see eye to eye, or that someone didn’t buy in, or we didn’t get along but there was a lot of love. There were too many transfers out for something not to have been going on.

Arkansas’ defense in 2017 can’t be worse than it was last year, but how much better can it really be?

Are there still efforts being made to get the Hogs into a Labor Day match in a mega stadium?

Were there locker room/chemistry issues with the football team in 2016

Several of the defensive linemen have made references to playing more aggressively and not filling a gap. Does that indicate that the scheme may have been more of an issue than personnel, or is that just sprung football hope?

My questions revolve around the offensive line and the defensive front seven. Do we have enough skill people at these positions to be competitive with the “big boys”? We have to be able to run the ball and protect the passer and we have to be able to stop the run on defense. Do we have the talent to line up and do so?

Thanks to everyone for participating. Here is this week’s mailbag: … azorbacks/