Mailbag questions

Please let me know if you have any questions for this week’s front-page mailbag feature. Any sport. Thanks.

What’s the chances Jeremy Patton picks up the offense in time to be a factor this fall? Is there a possibility he won’t make onto campus at all?

With the widespread use of 3 and 4 receiver sets, empty backfields, H-backs & tight ends in motion, no-huddle offenses, and the defense typically either shading or slanting to the field side, approx. what percentage of plays do you believe will be effected by the defensive switch from the 4-3 to 3-4?
I am no expert, but when I watch a defense play teams in a spread formation with offensive motion, I see the same defense whether it’s supposedly a 3-4 or 4-3. IMO all the talk of the defensive switch is overblown, and whether we are better on defense or not will depend much more on player development than on what the defense is labeled. How much effect do you think the change will have on the overall performance of the defense?

True or False? Our second half collapses last year against Mizzou and VaTech were more the fault of the offense than the defense. Our offense, which had dominated in the first half, failed to control the ball/clock, failed to score in the redzone, and turned the ball over in the second half. All of this let our marginal defense get gassed by the hurry-up offenses which then dominated both second halves.

In regard to the above post, do you think going to the prevent offense at halftime took away some of our aggressiveness on offense? Seems the defenses we faced made adjustments at half then we failed to adjust to their adjustments? Why do you think the entire team took the foot off the pedal at half, both sides of the ball? Was it depth? Was it not being in shape? Did we tire? Why the loss of focus by both players and coaches?

Did this mailbag ever get answered? If it did and I missed it, could you post a link?

We had a flurry of stories around the time I posted this, so I decided to save it as evergreen content for when I go out of town in a couple of days. It’ll publish soon.