Mailbag questions

I’m going to put together another mailbag story this afternoon. I’d appreciate any questions you all have.

Describe the summer program for football. How much contact are the coaches allowed to have with athletes during the summer and what all is involved in any workouts?

Which UA program (either gender) has the farthest to go to become nationally relevant? My off-the-top guess is swimming but no real idea.

With the transfer of Juan Day and the giving up of football by Rawleigh Williams, doesn’t that make it highly likely and very necessary for Arkansas to attract a graduate transfer running back? Russell Wilson and Jake Raulerson prove that Bielema can have success with graduate transfers. When CBB mentioned a possible graduate transfer at his press conference after RW retired, was he not sending the word to all running backs in the nation with that option, that Arkansas has a spot for them?

Temple of the Hog should’ve been the name of Chris Cornell’s side project, instead of Temple of the Dog. Agree?

With the change to a 3-4 defense this year, what defensive statistics you think will increase in 1st year compared to years past with 4-3 defense?
Number of QB sacks/hurries ? Or
Number of big yardage passing/running plays given up?